Friday, December 31, 2010

Steamcon II 2010 Report (Part 1)

Steampunk.  What is it?  It's a style, often used for costuming.  It's usually from the industrial age and is combined with Sci-Fi.  Um think of Leonardo Di Vinci and when people though his designs were crazy and never possible. 

Lots of people think that Steampunk just means Goggles mixed into Punk clothing.  Sure that's a popular style that is based off steam puhnk but it's not limited to that.  Some popular themes are victorian, wild west, science, fantasy, all sorts.  At SteamCon, a seattle convention on its second year, I found many people dressed up in all sorts of Steampunk clothing.  One thing that will be very common is Hats.

 What I found so fasnicating that so many "elder" people were in attendance and in FULL garb.  During a discussion I had with some people my age "It's like how the 50's clothing is popular for us at halloween".  Well for the folks that were around during the Great Depression, the styles of the late 1800's were fasinating to them. 
Here you have some military folks.  It's been very popular to make mechanical accessories, in this case guns. 

Adding a bit of Fantasy in this creature.  He's having an argument with a man with a giant mechanical arm.

This guy was funny.  He has a mustache, a style very popular in the day.  It's funny cause it's on a stick
~giggle~.  Note the popular goggles

Another military folk (i think), looks a lot like a military aviator outfit that you would find in movies.

An explorer.  One who tracts through unknown lands, in this case catching faries.

Adding a bit of Horror.  This man is walking his zombie.  He lost control of it when a bell started to ring.

More science fiction.  This girl is riding on a mechnical ostrich as her form of transportation.

More fantasy.  A very natural creature with wings coming out of her back

Here we've got some everyday laborers.  One didn't even take a shower after working on the train.

Here I am, as a lolita.  Sure I mixed in a japanese popularity, but have you thought about where the japanese lolitas come from?  Victorian Dolls.

Part II to come next.  It features MUTT

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My First Teddy

This is the first teddy bear I have ever made! Don't you just want to squeeze him?

Since I had never made a stuffed animal before, I used a store-bought pattern. I already had some fabric leftover from a nursing cover I made for a friend a couple of years ago, plus I had a ton of stuffing just taking up space in my closet.

I added the bow around his neck afterward but I think he might need something else... a bigger bow? A necktie? Bow tie? Scarf? Maybe he needs something more... geeky.

Oo I just had an idea! I bet I could make stuffed animals out of old T-shirts. I think I have some freebie Microsoft Windows T-shirts lying around somewhere that would look cute... perhaps as a bunny...

Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm Mary Poppins, Perfect in Every Way

Did you know that there is a Sound of Music Singalong that is a family version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  This is something I have to drag my mom to. 

For the Costume Contest I dressed up as another recognizable Julia Andrews character.  Then I got kicked off stage during the Costume Contest for being in the wrong movie.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Glowing Xbox Christmas Bells

So as you might have learned, both me and Ava work in the Tech industry.  I happen to work at Xbox . . . now you can take a moment and go "whoah" ka ka ka.  Sorry I'm being prideful.  Back to the story.  For our 'Holiday' party our invite came with a picture of bells that glowed the Xbox logo. COOL

Thus we start with some Bells purchased at our local dollar store.

Shove some green glow sticks inside
and turn off the lights. 

ka ka ka, loop them through a hair tie and Vola, instant hair accessory.

Our 'Holiday' party was at two downtown clubs that they rented out.  Walk around in a crowded dark room was a great way to show these off.

Don't they look awesome?


Materials:  Bells, GlowSticks, Hair Ties

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Midnight Fantasy Quilt

Once upon a time a weirdo named Avalyn decided she wanted to make a quilt. Avalyn had never made a quilt before, but she didn't think it could be very difficult if she chose to use a patchwork pattern that was all straight lines. Really, how hard could it be?

And so Avalyn sketched out a basket weave pattern for her quilt on graph paper. However, she made two bad decisions: first she decided to make a QUEEN-SIZED quilt instead of starting with something small like a pillow or baby blanket. Second, she thought it would be awesome to button-tie the whole blanket instead of using yard or stitching-in-the-ditch. between each square

What she failed to realize was how PAINSTAKINGLY LONG it would take to complete this project.

But there was a happy ending! Two years later, Avalyn finally sewed on the last button!

The blanket small enough to cover a twin bed but large enough to look good on a queen-sized bed as well! It now adorns a bed in her guest room.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Chocolate-Dipped Cookies

We have so many relatives that we see over the holidays it is just not reasonable to buy gifts for everyone! But it isn't too hard to mass-produce yummy treats! You could just buy some and wrap them in cute bags, but when you make them yourself and wrap them yourself it is a nicer touch that anyone will appreciate.

Every Christmas my mom makes chocolate-covered pretzels as gifts, so I made chocolate-dipped Oreos and graham crackers! And then added sprinkles.

Some turned out kind of ugly, but they were still TASTY!

If I did it again, I would just stick with Oreos; perhaps an assortment of Vanilla and Mint.

I found cute reindeer bags and added a tag, jinglebell and ribbon. To make the tags I just cut out the shapes from cardstock paper, punched a hole in the end for the ribbon, stuck a Christmas sticker on one side and addressed the other.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Urban Craft Uprising 2010 Report

"Seattle's largest indie craft show. Our mission is to build, foster and support a fun, indie DIY crafting community." according to their website.

This place isn't your grandma's little craft show (trust me I've been to many and have much ranting to come out of those about how some of the work could be done by a young grade school student).  These are real artists who make the mose creative pieces from all sorts of materials and tools including high tech machinery.

Over 100 booths of work ~almost~ all made my hand.  I shall continue now to display some of the different artists I saw.  This isn't the average work that anyone can pick up without intense love, persistance, and creativity.

Vinyl Toys - Apparently this guy was playing with resin making a cupcake, when his friend suggested to him to expand on it and it EXPLODED and these were recently released at New York's Comic-Con

This artist had these slightly creepy plates and cups of human figures popping out to touch you.  It's got such emotion, but I'm not sure everyone wants that face starring at them all the time.

I loved this jewerly making pair.  One partner does the glass work, while the other does the metal work.  Harmony to make masterpieces.

Clear stamps are becoming so popular lately, countless magazines on card making require the use of stamps for all their submissions now.  If you look closely at the picture there's a sign that says "HANDMADE".  I asked her about her process. Something about negative printing and UV lights.  Oh whatever more importantly I asked if she takes custom orders.  ~giggles~

Ok this booth was geeky in such an awesome way.  They had Periodic Table Elements turned into Cuff Links.  Spirographs necklaces, as in you can take it off and play with it with pen and paper.  And these special gloves with electric conductors (or something techy like that) which allows you to use your Ipod or other touch screen devices even with gloves on.  And what was even more clever about the sellers is that they sold kits that you can use to mod your own gloves in case you didn't want to use their generic gloves.

And last we come to the stand in which a forked over my dollars to.  Die cut Metal and Plastic jewelry pieces.  Gothic style of course, one of my favs.

So last year I noticed that felting had started to become popular, so what's up this year?  It looks like Yarn might be the new thing.  I saw two booths just selling yarn.  Hmm

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Open Crowns

I found this book Crowns & Tiaras: Add a Little Sparkle, Glitter & Glamour to Every Day and it inspired me to make these crowns.  I used a headband as a base and some wallpaper because it's often textured and always longer than your average scrap paper.

This was the first crown I completed.  The shape was copied from a previous failure. 

At first adding the beaded strings seems like something good to do because it's just pretty.  After it was completed I learned of a awesome second purpose for the beaded string.  Strength.  It helps the paper keep it's shape, like hat wire for hats.  This makes the crown less prown to bending, thus durable which is always a bonus when working with paper

and pictures of the sides.

I tend to put these crowns on the side of the table; not the focused project of the table but always in view.  As I come across objects that would look cool I would add them until I feel the crown is complete. 

This is a current crown I"m working on, red and black is the theme.  I originally wanted to put more stuff on it and but I actually like it the way it is.  I'll let it sit longer and if i find something that matches well I'll add it, if not I will let it remain the way it is.

This is another crown I have sitting on the side for now.  I really dont know what to add to it for now, but maybe in two months I'll be able to repost it in it's beautiful ending state.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Make Your Own Christmas Decorations

'Tis the season for crafting decorations!

I decorated two Christmas wreaths for my home. This is a very simple craft project that you can easily customize to any decor style.

If you're hanging the wreath on a door, bells add a nice touch because they'll jingle whenever the door opens or closes.

Or you can just literally hang a bell on your door. That works too.

Sparkly silk flowers make a nice arrangement on the dining table. I added a coordinating purple bow.

While you're in the floral section, pick up some sprigs and flowers to accent a wreath too!

All you need is:
1 plain wreath
1 small roll of fancy wired ribbon
5 or more flourishes of holly or flowers
1 wreath hanger
Ornaments or bells

Step 1: get a plain wreath and fluff out all of the branches to make it look fuller. Bonus Points: wrap a strand of battery-operated holiday lights around the wreath and secure the battery pack to the back of the wreath.
Step 2: Wrap the ribbon around the wreath, being careful not to twist the ribbon as you do so. You will probably use the whole roll, so make sure the ends are even in length, then tie a pretty bow at the bottom (or at the top if you prefer).
Step 3: Add "garnishes" - sprigs of holly or silk flowers, ornaments, bells.
Step 4: Hang it on a door and enjoy!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Green Christmas Tree

This tree is made from paper that I grabbed from the recycling bin.

1) Make a lot of cones (out of paper) with a similar size
2) Create one large Cone (out of paper) to use as the trunk of the tree
3) Begin attaching (via glue, tape, or staples) the cones to the trunk working your way up. Use the larger cones for the bottom and the smaller cones at the top
4) use any additional paper to make decorations such as stars, hanging balls, or streamers.

Material: Paper, tape (because that was what i had on hand)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Character Sketches

Artists can only get better by practicing. One method to practice is to do at least one new sketch every day. Try out different styles, look at the work from your favorite artists and explore their techniques and incorporate them into your art as you try to discover your own style.

Here are some sketches I drew with the intention of inking and coloring them in Photoshop later.

This is a sketch I did of my husband's Night Elf Druid character in World of Warcraft. She is a healer and has full PVP (player-versus player) gear on with a book in one hand and a wicked-looking dagger in the other.

His account was inactive when I made this sketch so I used a picture from the Armory as reference for the details in the armor.

Originally this character was a Tauren male named Buttersprime...

This is an Elf Rogue of my own design, not a character from a game or book. Apparently she is a left-handed backstabber. This is another sketch I did with the intention of digitally inking and coloring it.

Here is a sketch I definitely intended to ink in Photoshop so I didn't try to make it detailed or fix lines; I am still not sure how I want to detail the clothing, and I would like to experiment with a more fierce expression.

She is based on Vin from the Mistborn Trilogy books by Brandon Sanderson.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Steampunk Clock Necklace

I was thinking one day, Why do the clock hands have to be IN the clock? How come it can't be outside of the clock?

That's how I came across making this.

and perfectly, the hole in the center turns it into the perfect necklace pendant.

Oh, I really heart this necklace. But I don't know if I'll ever wear it. So I'll put it up on Etsy for sale for now. If I ever decide I know what to do with this piece I'll either take it down from Etsy or make another one.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Star Wars Paper Snowflakes

I saw Wil Wheaton's tweet about Star Wars Paper Snowflakes and knew I had to pick up a pair of scissors. I just happened to have some scratch paper nearby...

This was a fast and fun craft project, I totally recommend it!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Inspiration - Characterized Gaming Consoles

So earlier in the year me and Ava went to PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) in Seattle.  I went in cosplay ~tee hee hee~ and found gaming consoles also in cosplay!

Where we have PC pretending to be an Elyos from Aion.

Xbox 360 turned cyber robot, if it wasn't one already

Another Xbox ready for battle

And the PS3 showing off its love for Soul Calibur II