Monday, August 30, 2010

Into the Purple Woods

There is no place more magical than the forest home of the Night Elves, bathed in an aubergine haze beneath a giant tree.

Disclaimer: This was one of my first acrylic paintings, certainly my first landscape. I am totally cheap because I am using the paints you get for $0.89/tube at Michael's. Someday when my skill has improved I will invest in the nicer, more expensive acrylics.

I achieved a cool panoramic effect by using two square canvases side-by-side. Normally these are supposed to be positioned vertically on a skinny piece of wall between two doors.

I don't always do things the normal way.

I started with a screenshot of Teldrassil on my computer monitor and then painting the scene on the canvas beginning with the background and layering my way to the trees and rock in the foreground, trying different techniques in order to make it look like the representation on my monitor.

In case you happen to NOT be one of the millions who plays World of Warcraft and you are wondering "What the heck is Teldrassil?", I am happy to inform you that tTeldrassil is a setting in the game. You get to frolic in this purple forest for your first 8-to-10 levels, if you start the game as a Night Elf like I did the first time I played it. Actually, my first Night Elf character was a Rogue named Avalyn.

BTW Into the Woods is a really fun musical. If you ever get a chance to see it, go! I love the duet the princes sing, "Agony".

Friday, August 27, 2010

Star Lock Key Chain and Bag Clips

Okay, I must admit I cheated with this one.  This isn't an original idea from me.  I saw this at a con and just couldn't believe how much they were selling this cool hair accessory for.  So I went to my local craft store and bought the same wire star, then headed over to the braid section for some key holes and attached it to a key chain (instead of making it into an hair ornament).

Instructions 1 
  1. Buy (find at the beading section of the craft store) or make a wire shape
  2. Buy a button that would look cute in the center
  3. Use Industrial glue such as E6000 to attach the trinket
  4. Wait several days to ensure a good bond with the glue
  5. Attach a keychain
  Instructions 2
  1. Buy (find at the beading section of the craft store) or make a wire shape
  2. Buy a larger decorated braid (found at the scrap booking section of the craft store)
  3. Use pliers to wrap the braid around the wire, hidden under the braid's shape
  4. Attach a keychain

Materials:  KeyChain, Wire Bead, decorative flat object

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Custom Push Pins (e.g. Cubicle Bling)

Tired of boring thumb tacks?

I was! And I had all of this lovely scrapbooking paper lying around... and these little clear marbles leftover from wedding decorations...

I've seen several people on Etsy make similar crafts so I thought I ought to try it myself.

- Scrapbooking Paper (or other decorative paper or tiny photo)
- Thumb tacks (the flat-topped push pin kind)
- Clear glass stones
- Mod Podge
- Elmer's Glue
- Scissors

Glue the paper onto the back of the glass marble with Mod Podge, then use a generous amount of Elmer's to attach a flat-topped push pin onto the back.

Using a similar technique you could make these into pendants, hair accessories, brooches, magnets, etc.

After making a bunch of push pins, it made sense to decorate a piece of cardboard with the same paper and stick them into it. It was easier to bring them to work this way.

Now they are CUBICLE BLING!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Board Games into Pendants

So I purposefully went to a thrift store to pick up a Monopoly game because I thought it would be cool to make some jewelry out of some favorite past times. But how do I translate the game pieces into wearable art without making a shoe and an iron into a Charm Bracelet?

Let’s dump it all into a bottle cap! It’s this cool. Now you owe me $6 for landing here.

Oh, oh, and I found some Mahjong tiles in my beading supplies.

I'm matching it up with some Green Seed Beads and Voila!

FYI that says "Nine Thousand" on the tile, think of it as an equivalent to a poker card's 9 of Spades

Just like the rest of my Bottle Cap Pendants, glue on a Bail and a nice matching Ribbon.

Materials: Bottle Caps, Beads, Monopoly Set, Bails, Ribbons

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Two Crafters, One Blog

SmallRiniLady and Avalyn (Epic Trinkets) have joined forces to bring you more crafts in one place! Yes, that's right, two crafters, one blog!

Ava: What do we have in common besides crafting? Well, for starters, we are both weird. During the day we work in highly technical positions... you might call us computer geeks... but at night our girly side comes out and wonderful little craft projects consume us until something amazing magically forms.

Rini: We also both like to play video games!

Ava: ... and we are FEARLESS! We wear costumes in public when it's not Halloween!

Rini: Oh, that's embarrassing. Don't tell them that, they might recognize us.

Ava: Not if I wear a helmet!

Rini: Oh fine, helmet it be.