Monday, August 23, 2010

Board Games into Pendants

So I purposefully went to a thrift store to pick up a Monopoly game because I thought it would be cool to make some jewelry out of some favorite past times. But how do I translate the game pieces into wearable art without making a shoe and an iron into a Charm Bracelet?

Let’s dump it all into a bottle cap! It’s this cool. Now you owe me $6 for landing here.

Oh, oh, and I found some Mahjong tiles in my beading supplies.

I'm matching it up with some Green Seed Beads and Voila!

FYI that says "Nine Thousand" on the tile, think of it as an equivalent to a poker card's 9 of Spades

Just like the rest of my Bottle Cap Pendants, glue on a Bail and a nice matching Ribbon.

Materials: Bottle Caps, Beads, Monopoly Set, Bails, Ribbons


  1. Would love to be a crafter, and how I wish I were a techie! But, alas, I just cook. And cook some more.

  2. Cooking is a craft! Best part is you get to EAT what you make!

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