Saturday, August 21, 2010

Two Crafters, One Blog

SmallRiniLady and Avalyn (Epic Trinkets) have joined forces to bring you more crafts in one place! Yes, that's right, two crafters, one blog!

Ava: What do we have in common besides crafting? Well, for starters, we are both weird. During the day we work in highly technical positions... you might call us computer geeks... but at night our girly side comes out and wonderful little craft projects consume us until something amazing magically forms.

Rini: We also both like to play video games!

Ava: ... and we are FEARLESS! We wear costumes in public when it's not Halloween!

Rini: Oh, that's embarrassing. Don't tell them that, they might recognize us.

Ava: Not if I wear a helmet!

Rini: Oh fine, helmet it be.

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