Thursday, September 2, 2010

Costume Progress - WoW Priest 0.1

Project: World of Warcraft - Priest Tier 4 armor set from Karazhan

Start Date: Sometime back in (Spring?) 2008 when Tier 4 Armor was common and Tier 5 was uber. (But Tier 5 Priest costumes have been done SO many times already!)

Original Goal: BlizzCon 2008

Realistic Goal: Halloween 2010

Why Tier 4? Because it's PURPLE more ways than one! And because I played a priest and fondly recall the early days of conquering Karazhan one boss at a time with my wonderful guild <Retribution> a.k.a. <Negative Progression>.

2008 - the sorry state I left the costume in, before I got married. Notice the bridal bouquets scattered about. Wedding projects were more important at this point.

2008 - sleeves under construction
This time I am actually going to finish this project. Why? Because I have developed a Most Excellent Project Plan and Timeline!

Click for detail.
Over the last week I have already made a lot of progress! This time around I am going to finish it. Really, I am!

I aim to complete one piece each week, and that will give me three weeks before Halloween to complete finishing touches and details like footwear, hair and makeup. Wish me luck!

Seriously, by the time I finish this costume, Blizzard will be reusing the graphics for this armor set for Priest Tier 17.5 (if they haven't already!).


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