Saturday, September 11, 2010

Costumes at PAX 2010

Here it is: a blog post dedicated to Cosplay at PAX 2010!

Rini's Final Fantasy costume! Totally rocking the pink hair.
It wouldn't be a geeky convention without cosplay! As PAX has grown in size over the last few years the number of cosplaying attendees has also increased. We had fun running around and taking pictures of people in costumes.

Latte is a convenient Bag of Holding for conventions.
I didn't wear a costume to PAX because I'm still working on my World of Warcraft Priest costume! Argh! Must finish! - Avalyn

Really great Kerrigan costume from StarCraft! Amazing!

A Penny Arcade costume! From the Automata strip.

Just a cute outfit? Asked if she was doing Lolita but she wasn't.
Adding another picture of her because her outfit is sooooo cute -SmallRiniLady
Stylin' HarleyQuinn
Mass Effect group - great-looking armor!

It's Ulala from Space Channel 5

Barf from Space Balls! Apparently he is friends with the chick from The Fifth Element.

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