Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wire Flower

I was flipping through a magazine and found a flower made from wires.  I think I did a pretty cute job of making something similar. 

How To
1) Loop some wires around a rolling pin to make some circles for the petals
2) Wrap more wire around where the ends of the loops meet and create a knot through all the loops around that point
3) Twist the circles around the knot point into the flower pattern as shown above
4) use a thin beading wire or string loop in and around the knot point, stringing beads along the way

So what can this be used for?  Lots of guys suggested a brooch (I didn't know guys in their twenties thought brooches were fashionable) while the girls liked it to be a hair accessory.  I didn't want it to be put on a clip where the clip could show, but one good suggestion was to put it on a chopstick.  In the end I just used some black bobby pins (since my hair is black) and attached it to my head as a decorative element; and off to a friend's wedding I went. 

Materials:  Wire, Beads

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