Monday, October 11, 2010

Cosplay Week #1 - Melissa Seraphy

In the spirit of dressing up for Halloween I would like to introduce Cosplay Week.  This week we will be blogging about cosplay projects we have worked on.

Old definition of Cosplay:  Dressing up as an anime (japanese cartoons), manga (japanese for comic book), or video character from primarily the Japanese culture
New definition of Cosplay:  Dressing up as any characters or persona

On to the project...

What is Halloween without a the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown?
I fell in love with this toy when I first saw it that I had to cosplay it. I didn't even know what it was originally from

So the hardest thing to do is to create the pumpkin. I will admit this wasn't easy

I got some foam (the egg shell foams for camping are cheaper to purchase than by the yard foam at the fabric store)

  • cut into it ovals (aka cat eyes)

  • spray painted with orange paint (this worked suprisingly well)

  • pinned the pieces together with binder clips (I learned in future projects that using industrial glue works well)

  • stripped in some fence wire vertically within the binder clips for structual integrity (worked well, but the ones that came lose began to scratch me)

  • turn the pumpkin into a jack-o-latern by cutting out eyes and mouth

  • you can see through the eyes and see the wiring and binder clips

    Because foam is soft, the top has a small opening for my waste to popout of, and the whole thing was able to rest on my hips.  It was a little heavy, but well worth it for the love of cosplay

    So the bottom has a small opening for my legs, because it was small and so low I couldn't walk normally and ended up shuffling around which apparently people find cute

    Little photo color editing and this is what you get.


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