Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cosplay Week #2 - Nobel Scarlet from Ah My Goddess

I made this for my friend for Anime Evolution. This is the character we were insired after, Nobel Scarlet from Ah My Goddess. She is the angel for the Goddess Skuld.

My friend told me that she felt comfortable walking around in a bra. So I took advantage of her. WO HA HA HA

This outfit comes in 4 pieces.

  • a wig, would you believe me if i told you this was the easy part of the outfit?

  • wings, funny story is that she was responible for bringing wings, but she left them at home. So we made one quickly wich some poster paper in the shape of wings, and cut up fabric pieces as feathers. Than we drapped/glued them onto the wings so they hung and flittered in the wind.

  • clothing, so as you can see the character's clothing is rather odd shaped and lacking. I used a large piece of craft foam, cut out the shape, and used an iron to heat up and mold the curls as it cooled.

  • wind tunnel, probebly got about 20 yards of ripped strips of fabric which I sewed a loop hope into through the 20 yards and stringed a wire throughout the whole thing. Then using safety pins we pinned it all into a giant hurrican tunnel
    Here she's sitting on a ledge and tucked her toes into the tunnel so it looks like she's floating.  This sucked for the cosplay because after some movement she the safety pins would pop open and start scratching her legs.  All for the love of cosplay

  • Closer look at the wings


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