Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cosplay Week #4 - Empress Tomoyo from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

So this cosplay comes from the year that Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle has already been out in Manga form for 2 years and was about to release the Anime.   Here is the shitajiki (a board that is placed under paper to create a smooth writing surface) that served as my inspiration.

I wanted to do this character because her outfit was so beautiful, but I didn't know what the coloUr schemes where, so I made a 'manga version' of this character

The headpiece looks fancy but I wasn't that hard to make.  I used a thicker stiffer craft foam to cut out the shape.  I bought a toy crown that had a comb in it to wear in my hair and glued it to the face of the crown.  Slip it onto my head and I had this perfect Empress Tomoyo headpiece.

Ok about the HeadPiece.  This costume is suppose to be of ancient China.  I've never seen a headpiece like this  . . . until I watch The Lion Roar (a Hong Kong Comedy) where the Chinese Princess (actress Fan Bing Bing) comes out with a very similar head piece.  So Wow I guess they did really wear these, ok to be picky I thinik I think Clamp did do some minor mistakes, but it's just a manga/cartoon and the artists aren't Chinese. 

I couldn't find a good full profile pic of her headgear since this character isn't a main character of the movie, but here's something

Anyways on to playing with the picture.

Let's turn it black and white

Add the background

And alter the size of the charater and add a moon.

What do you think? Looks similar to the original art.


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