Friday, October 15, 2010

Cosplay Week #5 - Lock, Shock, and Barrel

Another Halloween Costume.
I wanted to do something from one of my favorite movies, Nightmare Before Christmas.  But I dont like being the regular repeat so I like picking characters that are not the main characters yet are still reconizable.
So I decided to do Lock, Shock, and Barrel. 

  • Finding a third friend to join us
  • The characters look to easy to do, how to make it more impressive. 
  • That BathTub is awesome, too bad we can't make it, wait wait wait, maybe we can.

How to Make the Bath Tub
  1. Find the largest storage bin you can find with the box like shape of a tub
  2. Spray Paint it White
  3. Sparsly Spray Paint it Black to make it look dirty
  4. Saw out corners from the buttom for your legs
  5. Glue on a Faucet (purchased from your neighbour hood Hardware store
  6. Glue on a Crank on the back, actually We drilled a hole and put it in like a PinWheel Toy
Having a Teddy Bear as our third character was amazing for two reasons
Not having to cram a third person in AND Adding that awesome cutiness touch

Picture #2 & #3 that I found on the internet of us.

I'm usually really picky about accuracy and asthetics when it comes to cosplay, but this one was so conceptually halarious that it just made me freaking giddy.
Hope you enjoyed our Week of Cosplay! :)
Happy Halloween Everyone


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