Friday, October 29, 2010

Technique - Printed Butterflies for ScrapBooking

I was walking down the amazing scrapbooking aisles of Ben Franklin Crafts (their scrapbooking selection is really pretty, but it comes with a price tag). And I came across these pop out butterflies with this unique print and ‘rhinestones’ that just made is so gorgeous. So like I said, pretty but comes with a price. They were selling 3 paper butterflies for $4 USD. ~jaw drops~ I’m sorry but I have to walk away because of the principle of it all.

Ok so we see the product, we steal the idea, and we make our own!

Paper - Start off with a sheet of Scrapbooking paper of ANY design you desire.  You can even make your own paper and stamp it, emboss it, cover it in sparkles, do whatever you want with it
Rhinestones – use whatever coloUr you want, you can replace it with different shapes, or items like beads, buttons, or other small trinkets
3D tape – puffy circles or squares that you can use to give dimension to your pieces. 
Punch – use any shape you like, a bow, or stars, or um oh I dunno.  I like the butterfly because you can create a crease down the middle to make it look like it’s flapping it’s wings

1.       Punch out the paper.
2.       Add any trinkets to the front
3.       Put the sticky 3d tape on the back
4.       Add it to your scrapbooks, cards, or whatever art you are working on.

Ok so maybe in the end the supplies here will cost you more than $4.  But that’s because you’ve got so much left overs to make a MILLION of these (if your hands don’t fall off by #839,524)

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