Friday, October 1, 2010

Willow on the Water

I finished this painting on July 3, 2009. Then I gave it to my sister because she likes pink and green.

It's a willow tree on the edge of a little green river with a forest on the opposite bank. I liked the pink accent color against the greens so I added some flowers. I liked how the forest looked even before I painted the willow on top of it; maybe I will do another painting sometime just of a forest.

We raided Ulduar the night before, wiping for three hours while trying to kill Thorim on Hard Mode.

I set up my little easel in front of my second monitor and painted while raiding. I was healing (look, it's Grid!) but I don't think I let anyone die. Raid leaders talk a LOT, which meant a LOT of downtime between boss fights while they discuss strategy... which meant a lot of time for painting!

1 comment:

  1. Ooh I like the willow. You need to paint me another picture. I totally need more art for my place. :-)