Monday, November 29, 2010

Lace Top Hat

I just tried to make this hat, cause it was too cute of an idea to pass up. I think it turned up pretty well.
Oh look it's Hannah again, I ended up giving her the hat before she left for Japan to teach for a year. 

I made my own hat frame out of red plastic canvas (it's a grid for needle point work).  1 circle, 1 donut cut circle, and one long strip. Tied it all together with fishing wire.  Slap on some lace slathered withe glue and let that try.

Add some decorations like a red feather (a white feather that i coloUred with a red sharpie) and some extra red mesh.


Materials:  Plastic Canvas, Lace fabric, Satin Mesh, Feathers, Fishing wire (grabbed some clean strands from my dad's tackle box)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Tutorial - Chobits Persocom Ears

Persocom(from Chobits) Ears

Ingredient List
  1. Pink Craft Foam
  2. White Craft Foam
  3. Hair Accessory
  4. Glue (I’m using hot glue)
  5. Iron

1)Fold a piece paper and cut out a template of the persocom’s ear from a front view. The crease
should be alone the ‘outside’ edge of the ear
2)Open it up and cut out two pieces from the white craft foam.

3)Iron the craft foam.
4)While it is soft and hot, quickly create the fold and hold it in place until it cools. Once cooled the foam should hold its shape. Pretty neat huh?

Pretty Example

5)Now cut out a pink strip has show here. Cutting the frays will help curve it correctly inside the piece.
6)Trim to size. Doesn’t it kinda look like sushi?

7) Glue
8) Place

9)Cut out circles for their ear embellishments. I use biscuit cutters to create a perfect circle imprint.
10)Glue on the ear embellishments. Even though they don’t have that pink piece that I’ve done here, I think it helps the embellishment stand out more

11)There are many ways to attach the ears using different hair accessories. It’s best to pick which accessory you are most comfortable with wearing for a long period of time.

  • HeadBand – most popular because it will always guarantee that it is at the location of the ears. But the hairband is visible, and it’s uncomfortable to be place on top of the ears. If you go this route, use a thick headband (more comfortable on the ears) and cover it with a Lolita headpiece.
  • HairClips – gives a more natural because the clips are hidden and can be clipped to the wig for stability. If clipping to fallen hair it won't be as secure.Can you imagine ears that shift several inches when the persocom is running?
  • Hair ties - It’s pretty secure but again the shifting depending on the hair style. It also bunches the hair (which is fine for some looks but not all).

12) Yay, done

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Inspiration - Innovative Materials, for a fortune cookie

I came across this item on Etsy made by CurtisEliseDesign.  It’s a fortune cookie, but not just any fortune cookie.  It’s made from leather.  I was very impressed with the realism of this object. 

It’s just amazing how someone can use one material to replicate a completely separate object.  It turns an after dinner ‘pay your check' dessert into this elegant piece that countless people would pick up off an executive's desk to investigate and admire.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Leafy Toss Pillows

I love pillows! Pillows are a great way to decorate a living room or bedroom and it is easy to switch them out as seasons change.

I have a pair of woolen winter pillows that I'd rather not store in the warmer months, so I created zippered pillow covers with some leafy fabric and slipped them over the woolen pillows.

Another pillow!

This little pillow has a zipper on the side, and the pillow form inside of it even has a zipper!

It is even easier to make pillows without zippers, just slip-stitch up the hole after you stuff the pillow form inside your fabric. Your fabric choices are endless!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter 7 - let's celebrate with some Mosaic Posters

<<WARNING:  Massive Fan Art Ahead>>

Both me and Ava are quite the Harry Potter fans so I thought today we should celebrate.

Back in HighSchool I made thos mosaic for my year book where i took a bunch of tiny pictures and overlayed it with a larger image .  This is the cheating way of making those crazy Mosaics out of pictures.  After college, well after my image processing class in college I developed a program to make mosaics out of images.

I lost that program due to a computer crash but last year I rewrote it, but kept enhancing it.

Here for the first time I shall feature the creations of my mosaic work to the viewers of Crafters In Disguise.


All of the tiles were grabbed from the first 5 Harry Potter movies.  Combined with some Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows Movie Posters.
As I upload these pictures to DeviantArt I will link them to the pictures, so some you can click on to get to a method to see the ENTIRE picture.  I mean details of each tile.  I warn you not to do this if you are not oh a high speed connection.

And if your too anxious to see my other ones that I haven't listed here.  Here's a link to where I put them all on my Deviant

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pillowboxes for Any Occasion

This is one of those craft projects that can get addicting, and I have a box of 200 blank white pillowboxes ready to be decorated!

I decided to make a bunch of pillowboxes that could be used for almost any occasion, like a birthday or Mother's Day. It is nice to have these on hand when you need to come up with a gift on short notice. Have I mentioned how well these hold gift cards? They are just the right size!

There is no end to the way these can be decorated to fit the occasion, whether with paper and ribbon or perhaps fabric and twine or even a felt wrap with a button closure.

As of the time I am posting this, I have already used every single one of these boxes as gifts already. MUST MAKE MORE!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tutorial - Chobits CHI Hair Ties

Chi's (from Chobits) Hair Ties

Ingredient List
  1.  Pink Craft Foam
  2.  White Craft Foam
  3.  Four Hair Ties
  4.  Glue (I’m using hot glue)
When cosplaying a cartoon character I like to
accent these details and oversize them just a bit and
exaggerate lines (like the outlining on a character). 

1) Cut a long thick strip of pink and two long thin strips of white.  I like the strips to be long enough for both hair pieces; this ensures that they are symmetrical.
2) Glue the white strips to the edges of the pink strip [I hope that was obvious without me telling you]

Oversize will make accessories more noticeable in photos. 
Even though they may not be accurate to the
millimeter, people will be more impressed with
the detail if they notice it.  But don’t let it get out of hand

3) Cut the single long strip in HALF.  Now you’ve got two separate hair pieces to work on
4) Glue the hair ties to the inside of the hair pieces.  The hair ties server several purposes. 
   a.The actual hair piece doesn’t actually have       to be sized for your hair,
   b.The hair ties will grip your hair, craft foam is too slippery anyways and would need constant adjustment to put back into place 
   c.The hair piece can be much wider than the hair that goes through giving it a floating look.  (see photo of the Code Geass TianZi cosplay photo below)
   d.Having multiple hair ties will ensure a backup if one breaks

Oversize items also make you look more like a chibi. 

5) Glue the ends of the strips together to form a cylinder.  When wearing this piece, try to turn
the finished ends towards your head so that spectators don’t get distracted by the edges.

6) Yay, done

 Chi isn’t the only one who wears these hair
ties.  Here’s another example Cosplay of
TianZi from Code Geass.  Instead of using
craft foam I used scraps from the dress and
sewed these together using the same idea.
Tune in Next Week for some Chi Ears

Monday, November 15, 2010

Got Mana?

Do you ever find yourself OOM? Do you rely too much on friendly Druids who can spare an Innervate spell? THERE IS A SOLUTION!

Now you can make your own [Mana Potion].

For a magical Halloween display I illuminated the mana potion by placing a battery-powered LED light underneath it.

I cut the top off of a clear plastic cup and Mod Podged white tissue paper over it to create a diffusing shell that the LED sits within.

Never go Out Of Mana again!
Materials (for one mana potion):
1x [Yaley Gel Candle Wax]
1x [Yaley Candle Dye Block - Blue]
1x [Glass Vial] (with stopper)
1x [Piece of Gold Trim] (just enough to wrap around the rim)
* all of these items can be found at craft stores such as Michaels or JoAnns.

You will also need a small funnel, super glue, a small cooking pot, and access to a stove/burner.

1. Follow the directions on the Gel to heat it and add blue coloring. Keep adding more blue coloring until you get it dark enough.
2. Carefully pour the blue gel into your mana potion using a funnel (or make a funnel out of aluminum foil). Do not let it touch the sides because it will stick - you want it to fill up from the bottom.
* At this point we realized we did not have enough gel to fill the entire vial and decided that a half-filled vial would look stupid. So, after pouring in the gel, I rolled the vial around to cover all of the sides thoroughly to give the illusion that it was full. If I did this again I would make enough gel to fill the entire vial.
3. Tap to try and remove bubbles - do not stick anything in there because it will just add bubbles. Leave the vial alone and don't touch it until it has cooled and turned to a "solid" gel. If you move it at all, you will get bubbles or the gel will creep up and stick to the sides instead of settling correctly.
4. Add the stopper.
5. Attach the gold trim using super glue.

WARNING: Do not try to drink/eat/ingest this potion, it is just a PROP. If you want a drinkable mana potion, try water + blue food coloring.

EDIT: My husband demands credit for stealing this idea from He did buy the materials and bring the project home. But I am pretty sure I did all of the gel-pouring myself. And added the gold braid detail, and made it light up. :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Swiss Roll

A Swill Roll cake. It's so yummy. Wait is that a thread?
Oh yea I guess we shouldn't eat it, since it's made from felt cloth.

I used my sewing machine as much as a could since I wanted something durable, but in the end I still had to close it up with old fashion hand stitching.
Materials:  Felt, Stuffing

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010 Aki Con - Cosplay Report

This year I attended AkiCon in early November.  It's a Anime Convention in Bellevue WA.  It's still a bit of a baby so a little small, but still filled with cosplayers and anime fans. 

Here we've got the AkiCon Mascots

Here we've got Taichi and Yamato from the first Digimon series.  Don't forget their Agumon Digimon with them.

Big person Kiki cosplayer with little person Kiki Cosplayer, the little girl was trying to run away from the stranger

There were some wonderful non japanese cosplays this year.  Here we've got Phoneix (Jean Grey) from XMen, and Lilo and Stitch.  There were also a great original Alice in Wonderland and original Harley Quinn from Batman

What was cool about AkiCon that I've never seen at any other cons yet was they had a dedicated Cosplay Hall room which was a bunch of sets in which people could go take pictures in a awesome background.  Here I'm in a Japanese garden, there was also a Casio, Winter Wonderland, and an Alley with grafitti. 

Ramen Eating Context.  The trophy was pretty sweet.  It's topped with a bowl of Ramen with Chopsticks, and sits the king of Ramen eating -> Narato

So Aki-Con staff was going around telling us to go get pictures with Johnny Yong Bosh (The GREEN POWER RANGER from the second series).  But I was so confused becuase this guy looks WAY too old to be him.  So when I got home I looked up the guest.  This is actually Robert Axelrod who played Lord Zedd and Finster, two main bad guys from the first series of Power Rangers.  That's actually way more cooler to me because I only watched the first series.  Oh the guy on the floor is my friend Chris, if you recognize him, um I"ll leave it at that.

Later on in the Con I was sitting in my Rozen Maiden Box (see below) and Robert Axelrod walked past me, Pat me on the Head, said "Your cute" and walked off.  LOL

Here is me with my friend Charlotte.  It's Kero from CardCaptorSarkua sharing space with Hinaichigo from RozenMaiden.

Hina likes to draw pictures.

So she got to draw pictures for some SailorScouts, L and Light from DeathNote, and for some Hogwart students.

For those who want to see the rest of my pictures from the con you can check them out here.