Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010 Aki Con - Cosplay Report

This year I attended AkiCon in early November.  It's a Anime Convention in Bellevue WA.  It's still a bit of a baby so a little small, but still filled with cosplayers and anime fans. 

Here we've got the AkiCon Mascots

Here we've got Taichi and Yamato from the first Digimon series.  Don't forget their Agumon Digimon with them.

Big person Kiki cosplayer with little person Kiki Cosplayer, the little girl was trying to run away from the stranger

There were some wonderful non japanese cosplays this year.  Here we've got Phoneix (Jean Grey) from XMen, and Lilo and Stitch.  There were also a great original Alice in Wonderland and original Harley Quinn from Batman

What was cool about AkiCon that I've never seen at any other cons yet was they had a dedicated Cosplay Hall room which was a bunch of sets in which people could go take pictures in a awesome background.  Here I'm in a Japanese garden, there was also a Casio, Winter Wonderland, and an Alley with grafitti. 

Ramen Eating Context.  The trophy was pretty sweet.  It's topped with a bowl of Ramen with Chopsticks, and sits the king of Ramen eating -> Narato

So Aki-Con staff was going around telling us to go get pictures with Johnny Yong Bosh (The GREEN POWER RANGER from the second series).  But I was so confused becuase this guy looks WAY too old to be him.  So when I got home I looked up the guest.  This is actually Robert Axelrod who played Lord Zedd and Finster, two main bad guys from the first series of Power Rangers.  That's actually way more cooler to me because I only watched the first series.  Oh the guy on the floor is my friend Chris, if you recognize him, um I"ll leave it at that.

Later on in the Con I was sitting in my Rozen Maiden Box (see below) and Robert Axelrod walked past me, Pat me on the Head, said "Your cute" and walked off.  LOL

Here is me with my friend Charlotte.  It's Kero from CardCaptorSarkua sharing space with Hinaichigo from RozenMaiden.

Hina likes to draw pictures.

So she got to draw pictures for some SailorScouts, L and Light from DeathNote, and for some Hogwart students.

For those who want to see the rest of my pictures from the con you can check them out here.

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