Monday, November 15, 2010

Got Mana?

Do you ever find yourself OOM? Do you rely too much on friendly Druids who can spare an Innervate spell? THERE IS A SOLUTION!

Now you can make your own [Mana Potion].

For a magical Halloween display I illuminated the mana potion by placing a battery-powered LED light underneath it.

I cut the top off of a clear plastic cup and Mod Podged white tissue paper over it to create a diffusing shell that the LED sits within.

Never go Out Of Mana again!
Materials (for one mana potion):
1x [Yaley Gel Candle Wax]
1x [Yaley Candle Dye Block - Blue]
1x [Glass Vial] (with stopper)
1x [Piece of Gold Trim] (just enough to wrap around the rim)
* all of these items can be found at craft stores such as Michaels or JoAnns.

You will also need a small funnel, super glue, a small cooking pot, and access to a stove/burner.

1. Follow the directions on the Gel to heat it and add blue coloring. Keep adding more blue coloring until you get it dark enough.
2. Carefully pour the blue gel into your mana potion using a funnel (or make a funnel out of aluminum foil). Do not let it touch the sides because it will stick - you want it to fill up from the bottom.
* At this point we realized we did not have enough gel to fill the entire vial and decided that a half-filled vial would look stupid. So, after pouring in the gel, I rolled the vial around to cover all of the sides thoroughly to give the illusion that it was full. If I did this again I would make enough gel to fill the entire vial.
3. Tap to try and remove bubbles - do not stick anything in there because it will just add bubbles. Leave the vial alone and don't touch it until it has cooled and turned to a "solid" gel. If you move it at all, you will get bubbles or the gel will creep up and stick to the sides instead of settling correctly.
4. Add the stopper.
5. Attach the gold trim using super glue.

WARNING: Do not try to drink/eat/ingest this potion, it is just a PROP. If you want a drinkable mana potion, try water + blue food coloring.

EDIT: My husband demands credit for stealing this idea from He did buy the materials and bring the project home. But I am pretty sure I did all of the gel-pouring myself. And added the gold braid detail, and made it light up. :)