Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter 7 - let's celebrate with some Mosaic Posters

<<WARNING:  Massive Fan Art Ahead>>

Both me and Ava are quite the Harry Potter fans so I thought today we should celebrate.

Back in HighSchool I made thos mosaic for my year book where i took a bunch of tiny pictures and overlayed it with a larger image .  This is the cheating way of making those crazy Mosaics out of pictures.  After college, well after my image processing class in college I developed a program to make mosaics out of images.

I lost that program due to a computer crash but last year I rewrote it, but kept enhancing it.

Here for the first time I shall feature the creations of my mosaic work to the viewers of Crafters In Disguise.


All of the tiles were grabbed from the first 5 Harry Potter movies.  Combined with some Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows Movie Posters.
As I upload these pictures to DeviantArt I will link them to the pictures, so some you can click on to get to a method to see the ENTIRE picture.  I mean details of each tile.  I warn you not to do this if you are not oh a high speed connection.

And if your too anxious to see my other ones that I haven't listed here.  Here's a link to where I put them all on my Deviant

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