Monday, November 29, 2010

Lace Top Hat

I just tried to make this hat, cause it was too cute of an idea to pass up. I think it turned up pretty well.
Oh look it's Hannah again, I ended up giving her the hat before she left for Japan to teach for a year. 

I made my own hat frame out of red plastic canvas (it's a grid for needle point work).  1 circle, 1 donut cut circle, and one long strip. Tied it all together with fishing wire.  Slap on some lace slathered withe glue and let that try.

Add some decorations like a red feather (a white feather that i coloUred with a red sharpie) and some extra red mesh.


Materials:  Plastic Canvas, Lace fabric, Satin Mesh, Feathers, Fishing wire (grabbed some clean strands from my dad's tackle box)

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