Friday, November 5, 2010

Rini's Logo

I want to start making my cosplay photos pop more, like adding a boarder, adding an artistic stamp (Logo), and or doing so photo shopping to change lightening effects of the photo.

So this is what I came up with for the Logo.  It's transparent so I will only have the lines stamped onto a photo.  The line colors will change according to the look and feel of the picture it will be stamped on.

I have two versions, I like vesion one better because I think it's cooler and easier to maintain and add to pictures, but version two is more clear when it gets shrunk

Version 1

Version 2


  1. Not that my opinion matters, but the first one definitely looks better. For some reason it's easier to read too.

  2. of course it matters.

    In the end it ends the logo is used at 1/6th of the size see here, and at that point the second one is easier to read. Although I personally think the first one is prettier.

  3. What about changing the font and making it blockier so that the font stands out more in front of the inside of the trunk? Or make the inside of the trunk all black and have the writing white on top of it for contrast?

  4. well my original idea was actually to keep it as outlines, like a blueprint.