Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tutorial - Chobits CHI Hair Ties

Chi's (from Chobits) Hair Ties

Ingredient List
  1.  Pink Craft Foam
  2.  White Craft Foam
  3.  Four Hair Ties
  4.  Glue (I’m using hot glue)
When cosplaying a cartoon character I like to
accent these details and oversize them just a bit and
exaggerate lines (like the outlining on a character). 

1) Cut a long thick strip of pink and two long thin strips of white.  I like the strips to be long enough for both hair pieces; this ensures that they are symmetrical.
2) Glue the white strips to the edges of the pink strip [I hope that was obvious without me telling you]

Oversize will make accessories more noticeable in photos. 
Even though they may not be accurate to the
millimeter, people will be more impressed with
the detail if they notice it.  But don’t let it get out of hand

3) Cut the single long strip in HALF.  Now you’ve got two separate hair pieces to work on
4) Glue the hair ties to the inside of the hair pieces.  The hair ties server several purposes. 
   a.The actual hair piece doesn’t actually have       to be sized for your hair,
   b.The hair ties will grip your hair, craft foam is too slippery anyways and would need constant adjustment to put back into place 
   c.The hair piece can be much wider than the hair that goes through giving it a floating look.  (see photo of the Code Geass TianZi cosplay photo below)
   d.Having multiple hair ties will ensure a backup if one breaks

Oversize items also make you look more like a chibi. 

5) Glue the ends of the strips together to form a cylinder.  When wearing this piece, try to turn
the finished ends towards your head so that spectators don’t get distracted by the edges.

6) Yay, done

 Chi isn’t the only one who wears these hair
ties.  Here’s another example Cosplay of
TianZi from Code Geass.  Instead of using
craft foam I used scraps from the dress and
sewed these together using the same idea.
Tune in Next Week for some Chi Ears

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