Friday, November 26, 2010

Tutorial - Chobits Persocom Ears

Persocom(from Chobits) Ears

Ingredient List
  1. Pink Craft Foam
  2. White Craft Foam
  3. Hair Accessory
  4. Glue (I’m using hot glue)
  5. Iron

1)Fold a piece paper and cut out a template of the persocom’s ear from a front view. The crease
should be alone the ‘outside’ edge of the ear
2)Open it up and cut out two pieces from the white craft foam.

3)Iron the craft foam.
4)While it is soft and hot, quickly create the fold and hold it in place until it cools. Once cooled the foam should hold its shape. Pretty neat huh?

Pretty Example

5)Now cut out a pink strip has show here. Cutting the frays will help curve it correctly inside the piece.
6)Trim to size. Doesn’t it kinda look like sushi?

7) Glue
8) Place

9)Cut out circles for their ear embellishments. I use biscuit cutters to create a perfect circle imprint.
10)Glue on the ear embellishments. Even though they don’t have that pink piece that I’ve done here, I think it helps the embellishment stand out more

11)There are many ways to attach the ears using different hair accessories. It’s best to pick which accessory you are most comfortable with wearing for a long period of time.

  • HeadBand – most popular because it will always guarantee that it is at the location of the ears. But the hairband is visible, and it’s uncomfortable to be place on top of the ears. If you go this route, use a thick headband (more comfortable on the ears) and cover it with a Lolita headpiece.
  • HairClips – gives a more natural because the clips are hidden and can be clipped to the wig for stability. If clipping to fallen hair it won't be as secure.Can you imagine ears that shift several inches when the persocom is running?
  • Hair ties - It’s pretty secure but again the shifting depending on the hair style. It also bunches the hair (which is fine for some looks but not all).

12) Yay, done

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