Friday, December 24, 2010

Glowing Xbox Christmas Bells

So as you might have learned, both me and Ava work in the Tech industry.  I happen to work at Xbox . . . now you can take a moment and go "whoah" ka ka ka.  Sorry I'm being prideful.  Back to the story.  For our 'Holiday' party our invite came with a picture of bells that glowed the Xbox logo. COOL

Thus we start with some Bells purchased at our local dollar store.

Shove some green glow sticks inside
and turn off the lights. 

ka ka ka, loop them through a hair tie and Vola, instant hair accessory.

Our 'Holiday' party was at two downtown clubs that they rented out.  Walk around in a crowded dark room was a great way to show these off.

Don't they look awesome?


Materials:  Bells, GlowSticks, Hair Ties

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