Friday, December 31, 2010

Steamcon II 2010 Report (Part 1)

Steampunk.  What is it?  It's a style, often used for costuming.  It's usually from the industrial age and is combined with Sci-Fi.  Um think of Leonardo Di Vinci and when people though his designs were crazy and never possible. 

Lots of people think that Steampunk just means Goggles mixed into Punk clothing.  Sure that's a popular style that is based off steam puhnk but it's not limited to that.  Some popular themes are victorian, wild west, science, fantasy, all sorts.  At SteamCon, a seattle convention on its second year, I found many people dressed up in all sorts of Steampunk clothing.  One thing that will be very common is Hats.

 What I found so fasnicating that so many "elder" people were in attendance and in FULL garb.  During a discussion I had with some people my age "It's like how the 50's clothing is popular for us at halloween".  Well for the folks that were around during the Great Depression, the styles of the late 1800's were fasinating to them. 
Here you have some military folks.  It's been very popular to make mechanical accessories, in this case guns. 

Adding a bit of Fantasy in this creature.  He's having an argument with a man with a giant mechanical arm.

This guy was funny.  He has a mustache, a style very popular in the day.  It's funny cause it's on a stick
~giggle~.  Note the popular goggles

Another military folk (i think), looks a lot like a military aviator outfit that you would find in movies.

An explorer.  One who tracts through unknown lands, in this case catching faries.

Adding a bit of Horror.  This man is walking his zombie.  He lost control of it when a bell started to ring.

More science fiction.  This girl is riding on a mechnical ostrich as her form of transportation.

More fantasy.  A very natural creature with wings coming out of her back

Here we've got some everyday laborers.  One didn't even take a shower after working on the train.

Here I am, as a lolita.  Sure I mixed in a japanese popularity, but have you thought about where the japanese lolitas come from?  Victorian Dolls.

Part II to come next.  It features MUTT

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