Friday, December 17, 2010

Urban Craft Uprising 2010 Report

"Seattle's largest indie craft show. Our mission is to build, foster and support a fun, indie DIY crafting community." according to their website.

This place isn't your grandma's little craft show (trust me I've been to many and have much ranting to come out of those about how some of the work could be done by a young grade school student).  These are real artists who make the mose creative pieces from all sorts of materials and tools including high tech machinery.

Over 100 booths of work ~almost~ all made my hand.  I shall continue now to display some of the different artists I saw.  This isn't the average work that anyone can pick up without intense love, persistance, and creativity.

Vinyl Toys - Apparently this guy was playing with resin making a cupcake, when his friend suggested to him to expand on it and it EXPLODED and these were recently released at New York's Comic-Con

This artist had these slightly creepy plates and cups of human figures popping out to touch you.  It's got such emotion, but I'm not sure everyone wants that face starring at them all the time.

I loved this jewerly making pair.  One partner does the glass work, while the other does the metal work.  Harmony to make masterpieces.

Clear stamps are becoming so popular lately, countless magazines on card making require the use of stamps for all their submissions now.  If you look closely at the picture there's a sign that says "HANDMADE".  I asked her about her process. Something about negative printing and UV lights.  Oh whatever more importantly I asked if she takes custom orders.  ~giggles~

Ok this booth was geeky in such an awesome way.  They had Periodic Table Elements turned into Cuff Links.  Spirographs necklaces, as in you can take it off and play with it with pen and paper.  And these special gloves with electric conductors (or something techy like that) which allows you to use your Ipod or other touch screen devices even with gloves on.  And what was even more clever about the sellers is that they sold kits that you can use to mod your own gloves in case you didn't want to use their generic gloves.

And last we come to the stand in which a forked over my dollars to.  Die cut Metal and Plastic jewelry pieces.  Gothic style of course, one of my favs.

So last year I noticed that felting had started to become popular, so what's up this year?  It looks like Yarn might be the new thing.  I saw two booths just selling yarn.  Hmm

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