Monday, December 26, 2011

Stuffed Carrot

I was invited to a Super Hero Murder Mystery party for a friend's birthday. I was suppose to be some Rabbit super hero with a giant carrot. So I quickly sewed this stuff carrot. It's pretty cute. It's about a foot and half long.

  • Orange and Green Cloth
  • cotton stuffing material.

How to?
1) Sew the two sides of a triange shape for the carrot root
2) sew several smaller versions of the green fabric for the leaves
3) stuff with filling
4) hand sewing the openings shut and together to hide the seams


Monday, December 19, 2011

Baby Gift: Fleece Blanket (No Sew Project)

Baby Blankets make wonderful gifts.  But honestly these can be made for any age just by changing the print. 

This is a EASY project and can be made by anyone 7+, which means kids can be brought in for slave labor, I mean for learning experience.  ~cough cough~

So this is one of those times that making your own doesn't necessarily make it cheaper, but here's a few reasons why you should do it anyways
  • Can double the layers making it warmer
  • Decide your own prints
  • Mix your own prints
  • Pick your own size
  • Homemade is just always more personal

Here I've got a Winnie the Pooh and Kermit the frog print.  I'm using two layers, but this can work with a single layer as well.

I asked the fabric store to cut me a larger piece because I dont have confidence that they will cut straight lines when they are rushing through customers.  I placed my kermit fabric on the bottom and the Winnie the Pooh print on top and cut out a *perfect* rectangle based on the lines provided on this print.  Of course fleece does stretch, so try to lay as flat as possible.

You'll want to cut the edges to fringes (cut both layers together) around the entire blanket.  Remove the corner squares. Next tie off each of the fringes, if it's double layer than tie both layer's fringe together

The tying process can be done while watching tv on the couch.  Just make sure to do sections around the whole blanket first to keep blanket from shifting to much before it is complete. 

Vola, a wonderful soft and personally made blanket for loved ones to enjoy

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Tree Angel

I decided to make a new topper for our new 9-foot Christmas tree! I wanted to make either an angel or a star, and since a star needs to light up and that's really complicated I decided to make an angel out of random stuff in my craft room.

First I took a long strand of raffia string (I decided this looks like rustic angel hair) and folded it back and forth, then stuffed it through a large wooden bead (which sort of looks like an angel's head, if you have an imagination like mine). Then I twisted a piece of gold rope against itself (this is the crown or halo), cut it and hot-glued it on top and trimmed the raffia to look like hair.

For the body I made a cone out of white craft form. For wings I used a pretty piece of ribbon which I threaded through a hole in the back. I then bordered the hole with pieces of the same gold I used for the halo-crown to hide the ugly hole.

Next I got out a bunch of coordinating white and gold trim and lace and decided to figure out how to decorate the body to make a dress. I made a bit of a mess.

I started glueing pieces of lace over the white foam, starting with the bottom piece so the upper pieces would overlap like layers of a skirt. A strand of white "pearls" became a necklace for the angel.

Here is the finished angel, as an ornament. I need a ladder to get her up on top of my tree!

Monday, December 12, 2011

JigglyPuff BluePrint

I had a friend back in high school that was really into JigglyPuffs. One day during my Computer Aid Drafting class I made this for extra credit in AutoCad

The top view needs a little work, but not bad for a high school student I would say


Monday, December 5, 2011

Rose Vine Garden Bracelet

I drew out a necklace design with curves and drops but couldn't figure out how to do it.  Wait wait, I figured it out (well a book showed me); Tigerwire and crimp beads. This one has crimp covers to make it a little prettier. 

Continuing on I tried mixing in these cute paper flowers.  My boyfriend thought it was a little too much to make it into a necklace since it was too long in height but it still looked pretty nice as a bracelet.

The Paper Mulberry Flowers I found at the craft store came in sets of 3 shades.  I thought the gradient gives it such a uniqueness.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Won NaNoWriMo

I'm a winner! I just completed NaNoWriMo for the first time this year. Hit 50,007 words at 9:20 PM on November 30th, 2011.


My novel isn't finished yet, but I'm 50,000 words closer to the end than I was a month ago! Woot!

Now I can go back to working on craft projects. I'm sure I can find something to do for Christmas. Tis the season for making pretty little handmade gifts, decorating the house, wrapping presents... and playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. Oh yes, I preordered it. Better get some craftin' done before Dec. 20th when the Empire takes over my every waking moment.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cosplay Progress - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Serah Farron, Gloves 0.2

[observations]  Let's see what we see.  For Serah's Gloves, they are Grey, have bands of black and chunks of Yellow, and little past the cuff.  Serah also seems to be wearing a pink sleeve (same color as her dress) under her gloves.

Easy to start when you get a $3 pair of Leather Gardening Gloves at the local hardware store.  They aren't quite the right size for me, but $3s is cheaper and more accurate than making my own.  It's cosplay, just go with it. 

As for the Black and Yellow pieces, I could go and get dyed leather or other fabrics, but let's make this easy.  It just needs to look good in photos and not fall apart as i run around playing.  Craft Foam we use!  Cut out the shapes and glue them onto the leather gloves with hot glue, oh yes we will not be able to salvage this glove to it's original state (but who cares it was just $3).  Ok I also made a mistake and my yellow/black pieces ended up being too large to correctly match the character's design, but I didn't realize until after I glued it to the glove.  Once again, it's just cosplay, go with it.

So I made cuffs, aka arm warmers, aka sleeves, using extra material from my dress.  It's basically a tube that is slightly smaller than my wrist.  Since it's stretchy fabric, it conforms pretty comfortably. 

Finished product.  it's not accurate, but if people notice and judge, than they know the character a little toooooooo well.

Aww I forgot, I want to also make the extra black lines by going over those existing orange lines with a sharpie. 

Monday, November 28, 2011



Happy post American Black Friday shopping day, and moving on to a new tradition of Online Shopping Sales.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Fairy Tale Hair Clips

One of my first post talks about using wire stars as a base. Star Lock Key Chain and Bag Clips  Here is a second look into using these wire stars again.


  • Glue a wire star onto a Hair Clip 

  • Glue an ornament on the middle of the star

  • Simple and Cute.

     The trick is just mixing 2 or 3 unrelated elements that have a common feel (in this case "cute)

    Combination suggestions:
    • Pink and a Crown for a princess
    • Gold Sparkles and Coins for a night at the casino
    • Red and Rubies for a Wizard of Oz movie night
    • Green and Presents for Christmas Party
    • White and Black Music Notes for a Piano Concert

    Wednesday, November 16, 2011

    Crafting a Novel in 30 Days

    November is half over and you're thinking "Wait! Where did Ava go?"

    Well, I've been absorbed in a little thing called NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writer's Month). It's where you write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days, beginning Halloween night at midnight and ending at 11:59 PM on November 30th.

    I can totally do this.

    Unfortunately my crafting is taking a back seat. BUT the month is half over and I've surpassed the halfway mark of 25,000 words! Yay.

    In other news, I did not win the League of Legends costume contest, but I got a nice email saying they really liked my Riven costume... and mentioned some other secret stuff I am not allowed to divulge. (Really, they said I had to keep it a secret so I can't tell you). Apparently there were over 350 costume entries. Wow. O_o

    Now I just need to add straps to all of the armor so I can actually wear it while moving. Heh. Then I can wear it to PAX Prime 2012!

    Monday, November 14, 2011

    Using the Yudu without the Yudu

    So I bought the Yudu Screenprinting machine cause wouldn't it be amazing to make silk screen prints at home?  Well I bought at a crazy sale, but returned the thing because it was MASSIVE.  I didn't feel like taking up a quarter of my closet just to store the thing. 

    I little while later I was tasked to make some family vacation shirts, which means I've got a screen printing project on my hands.  Is there way I could still make some Yudu silk screens without having to buy that giant devices.  I have done a few tries and figured out how to make these without owning the device.  Please read tutorials before attempting this, my comments are purely supplimentary suggestions to provide extra insight.

    Yudu instruction:  wet the screens and put on the emultion scrapping out the "spider webs" with the yudu squeegie:

    SmallRiniLady's tip:  instead of scrapping the emultion to get rid of the spiderwebs, wet the underside of the screen with a wet paper towel.  Getting it wet will be it to stick to the screen

    Yudu instruction:  let it dry in the drying tray, dries in pitch black to avoid the UV lights, and with Fans.

    SmallRiniLady's tip:  Who needs a specially blacked out tray?  I just stuffed it under the bed and let it dry over night.

    Yudu instruction:  Burn the emultion screens in the UV tray which is timed to 8 minutes.

    SmallRiniLady's tip:  In the brightest sun, lay the tray out for 8 minutes. 

    There are some glithes I still had trouble with, because the sun came down from an angle, some of my lines came out slightly blurry.  Remember I'm being cheap by not owning the device, hopefully the real deal comes out with better results. 

    Yudu instruction:  wash the unburned emultion off

    SmallRiniLady's tip:  um pretty much no difference but don't scrap with your fingernails, it will tear the emusion.

    Yudu instruction:  pour the paint on the screen and scrap with the yudu squeegie

    SmallRiniLady's tip:  screw the squeegie, a plastic card (maybe an old credit card) works just as good and saves the pocket book $15.  Also use the paint on the non emultion facing side of the silk screen (which means the photo should be burned negative, explainations why below)

    Now for additional review comments.
    The Yudu screens make great silk screen prints . . . the first 5 times if you follow the the Yudu instructions and scrap on the emultion.  This is because the emultion although solid, is still soft and will break down as it is scrapped.  I did notice that if you scrap on the silk side with the emultion side facing your cloth/paper than less scrapping action leads to the deteroation of the emution print to be slowed down.
    Bottom left:  First run through the silk screen
    Top:  After 20 runs, the lines are getting blurry or jagged
    Bottom right: After the 23rd run, I flipped the screen to try, looks like it worked much better, unfortunatly since I didn't plan for it, my image is mirrored (which doesn't work well with things like text)

    Thursday, November 10, 2011

    Pumpkin Pie (Fixed itself)

    I tried to make a store bought frozen pumpkin pie for thanksgiving one year. Something happened though. While I was traveling to my mom's place (2 hour drive away) it had melted.  And when I put it back into the freezer, I didn't know all the pie inside has spilled all over inside the box.  When I took out of the box I had to scope out the overflowed pieces and pile them onto the pie.

    But look how it turned out.  It's like magic

    Monday, November 7, 2011

    Mini Pan Am

    So recently I posted about some Pan Am hats I've been making lately, but remember.  I have a thing for miniatures.

    ~giggle so guess what I did!

    I made a miniature version of the Pan Am hat.  And it's worn with an hair elastic,  giggle, ok so I use elastics for pants, but whatever it gets the job done. 

    Thursday, November 3, 2011

    Impromptu Kanzashi Hair Comb

    Kanzashi Flowers are a Japanese process of using fabric squares to make flowers, often used for weddings.  Kanzashi flowers are always great way to use up fabric scraps. 

    I did this project in about 15 minutes before work one day.

    Here I'm starting with some squares I cut from the scraps of my Halloween costume

    Fold Once, into a triangle

    Fold Twice, into a smaller triangle

    Fold Three, into an even smaller triangle, and vola a flower petal

    Glue down 4 onto a hair comb

    YAY, cute new Hair comb.

    Ok there's still a little bit of work I need to do on it.  Can still see the metal on the hair comb, and it has problems staying in the hair in loose hair.  But I'm sure with a little bit more time and more creativity this project can be refined to a wonderful product

    Monday, October 31, 2011

    Sammy's Halloween Costume - Masquerade Style

    So this year for Halloween me and my friends got tickets to a masquerade ball where the dress code was either Black Tie with a Venetian mask or just a cool costume. This was an easy choice for several reasons. 1) gives me an opportunity to use the Venetian masks I got in Venice! 2) After many years of Halloween I'm getting tired of Sexy outfits, I just want to wear something really glamorous.

    So Victorian or Venetian-ish Ball gown I pick :) Picked up a pattern so I can't screw it up too much.  Based off my mask I picked a pinkish (purple) fabric with a darker purple fabric (because my boyfriend wanted purple).

    The pattern is for a normal size person (and i'm short) so i had to cut A LOT off.  The pattern of the train also drags onto the floor which I had to trim down because I can't run around in public crowded drunken place with my skirt mopping up everyone's alcohol and foot prints. 

    So even though I followed the pattern of course the slightest shifts make a huge different.  With the picture on the right you can see that the where the lengths and curves were slightly different making the symmetry really off and odd.  Using a thick trim you can muddle those lines a lot  hiding the inconsistency.

    With it being a floral trim I couldn't sew right over with a machine without it looking crappy, so I had to hand stitch the trim on.  Because it was straight it went fairly

    Yay, now to show off the final product. Um excuse the lack of photo shopping the lighting and cropping out the silly door. I was in a rush to blog about this.

    ~giggle~ also time to show off me and my sweety ready for the ball.

    Friday, October 28, 2011

    Riven Costume complete!

    Time: 2 weeks from start to finish
    Cost: $0.00 for supplies (I used leftover scraps from other projects), $20 for the wig

    Progress Photos:

    armor and sword = blue styrofoam insulation, painted with acryllics; the spikes are made of Model Magic (by Crayola).
    leather pauldron = leather draped over shaped buckram and plastic.
    shirt & skirt = white cotton gauze fabric from JoAnn's Fabrics.
    bodice & tabard = purple velveteen fabric, wooden buttons handpainted silver, white trim.
    arm guard = plastic cranberry juice jug (from Costco), black plastic snow sled (from Target), fun foam, acryllic paint, Mod Podge
    sandals: added flashing tape and paint to hide the sequins.
    glove: from my closet, originally from Army surplus (borrowed from my Cobra Trooper costume).
    arm wrap: a bandage from the medicine cabinet
    wig: Anime wig from Party Supply store.
    belt: from my closet, previously used with a pirate costume

    Wednesday, October 26, 2011

    French Food - Meat Stuffed Veggies

    I came across an old cook book Tante Marie's French Kitchen.  Two dishes under the Vegetable section looked rather interesting.  Stuffed Cabbage and Stuffed Onion.  Both were stuffed with ground meat (ground beef and sausage meat). 

    The Onion was easier to hallow out than I expected, once I got in, I was able to use a spoon to scrap the inards out.  Using the onion scraps to make a sauce, the onion was baked.  My the sauce was my favorite finding out of the whole book.

    The stuffed cabbage had funny (but clever) directions to basically make sure you also stuff the meat between the leaves inside the cabbage.  In this case it the cabbage is braised for house in a flavored water.  The water turns into the popular Hong Kong cafe Luo Song Tong 羅宋湯.  I ended up enjoying the soup more than the main dish.