Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cosplay Progress - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning 0.1

So I had previously planned on cosplaying Fang from Final Fantasy XIII for SakuraCon. I even had my entire cosplay complete, but then my coworker had to show me a video. A NEW Final Fantasy that is coming out. ~Sigh~, inspiration and addiction attacked me. And so begins my adventure to build a new cosplay. I thought this time I would do what Ava did and show you my progress.

Let's start with the design process. I need to be able to replicate the outfit and the best way is from images. The only source of visuals for this new game in from their teaser trailer that they just released last week. I went through and cut some images from the video.

We'll start with these first two images (the two above).  We can learn how she stands (her poses can also be studied by looking at the previous game where Lightning was introduced, she's the same person so likely she'll pose the same).  We can see that she's got both a Gunblade (sword that can turn into a gun) and a shield.  She's also got lots of shiney armor.  She's still got her side sweep pink hair.

Here we can see some details on her chest.  She's got a round collar and some gold embellishments.  

 Her shoulder is armed similar to her previous armor of shoulder pads?? but this time it's double layered

I am taking a lot of time to look at her belt.  It can be broken down into 6 Sections.  Front Top, Front Bottom, Back Top, Back Bottom, and two sides.  I might have some left over vinyl to use for the leather pieces  It seems like she's not wearing any pants or skirt.  Hmmm might need to break out a swim suit for this. 

She's got this swooping feathers coming from her left side.  Just like her hair.  Should I use real feathers or make my own?  I could cut a ton out of craft foam, but real ones would look awesome (but expensive).  Need to think about that.

Her gloves are a bit of a mystery to me.  I will need to go through more of the pictures to figure it out.


Using several of the pictures I'm going to need to figure out how this gunblade looks.  I'm not really good with these crazy props, but I guess another opportunity to practice.   The shield is going to be ever harder because there are no full on views of it.  I might need to just make this part up.  That bothers me.  When it comes to cosplay I'm usually for accuracy.  How to be accurate here? 

Just another picture I have, giving me some more details on the position of the belt, more details of her glove.  Etc

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  1. Very cool! I am excited and plan on starting this next month. In the middle of a move so things are crazy. Super excited to get started though... such a fun costume :-)