Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary Crafters

Can you believe me and Ava have been up and alive on crafting away on this blog for a full year.  Well I hope you guys have learned alot and been inspired by the stuff we've shown. 

As a special treat I thought I would pull up some old photos of some blooper shots from our photoshoot for the photos we used for our first blog posting.


  1. how did u make your handmaiden outfit?

  2. hi Aalya!
    The cloak was velvet; a friend carved the patterns into block stamps and then I pressed them into the fabric to burn out the velvet (10 seconds on silk setting). I worked with two friends on it since one was Amidala and the other was doing an identical handmaiden costume. I technically did all of the sewing for mine specifically but we collaborated on the patterns and fabric choices.