Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inspiration - Movie Posters

I came across an artist on DeviantArt, Mr-Bluebird

He recreated several series of movie posters.

Alfred Hitchcock Series
The way he uses just two colours and simple designs yet it says soo much.

Whimsical Journeys Series

I love his use of extreme colours to push the wildness of these magical lands

 Paul Thomas Anderson Series

I love how he can incorporate text as part of the image.  Also how the picture has movement to it.

Pixar Series
Using well known but not main characters makes gives this a mild, yet recognizable unqiue posters. 

And then THE BLOB
Giving the classic comic book look with the polka dot gradients really helps date this movie. 

This artist has many more Movie poster and other print pieces that are amazing. Approaching these classics from his own perspective just makes my creative juices flow (oh he's a MUSE)  Should check him out on either his DeviantArt account or his personal site. 

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