Monday, February 6, 2012

Congratulations Hand Made Card

My sweetie got a new job so I wanted to make a card for his first day.

I started off with a nice piece of thicker scrap paper from an 8x8 pad.  The print is only on one side, so the inside of the card is blank for printing.  Instead of the more common side fold card I wanted to fold it tent style.

I wanted to write a big "congraduation" on the front side, but the design of the scrap paper is too busy.  So I took a piece of 8 x 10 cardstock that I wanted to put across the middle of the front. I picked a matching coloUr, yet still blank so the words would be the focus. 

Here you see that I've folded the underside of the paper that will be glued to the card front.  This is for two reasons
1) this will give the paper dimention to the paper instead of just a flat piece.
2) folding will likely create straighter lines than if i just cut on a drawn line.

Tip:  measure out your letters before you start drawing or glueing (cardboard letters) it to the card.  In this case even if I kept the letters uneven I still couldn't get the entire word on the paper, so I had to scrap this idea.

Do you see how there is a slight curve to the paper where it's not glued flat to the paper.  The size of the blank paper and the base are not proportioned giving it uniquness from the regular store bought cards you see.

Because I used card stock the back of my card is also pretty unlike the back of store bought cards which are usually just white.

I used sticker letters, here's some tips
1) spell out the word for you to follow; when  you are too focused on prettiness it's easy to make a spelling mistake, ~cough~ it's happened to me before
2) start by doing the middle characters first and moving outards, this will help center your word
3) play around, don't need to make your word be straight and exact.  Doing a purposeful uneven placement of your letters will cover any potential mistakes you may make if you tried to make it even.

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