Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cosplay Progress - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Belt 0.2

So the first thing I focused on for my XIII-2 Lightning cosplay was the belt.  I thought it was a good starting project to test to see if I would have the skills to continue to make the armour. 

  • Craft Foam,
  • Round Gems
  • Brown Vinyl
  • Sewing elastic
  • Gold Paint
  • Two different coloUrs of metallic GrAy spray paint 

  1. I started off by cuting out the shapes out of craft foam; created the curves by heating the pieces with an iron and letting them cool in shape.
  2. Then I  glued on these Mini Round Gems for the studs found all over Lightning's armour.
  3. Spray paint the pieces with the metallic gray paint.  This will give the armour some depth because of the shadowing.
  5.  Basically the same thing for the gold pieces for the tails of the belt.
  6. I cut some strips of vinyl for the tails and glued everything together with E6000 (super glue).  The clips ensure that the craft foam and the vinyl stay together as the glue dries since the craft foam doesn't lay flat.
  7. I glued the front and side panels of the belt together with hot glue, but for the back pieces I attached it with sewing elastic.  This is so I can climb into the belt by stretching it out like stretch pants, but it will shrink back a more slim size.
Here's the finished product so far.

There is still some adjustments I need/should make but will do based on time
  • The front will be secured with a hook to the top armour so it will stay up, but the back sags a bit.  I will glue a safety pin so I can secure it to the back of my shirt at a higher level
  • I made the side panels too large which made the overall belt too large.  It's not slimming as it should be, but I rather spend my time on finishing the whole cosplay than to fix a piece that most people wouldn't even know was incorrect.  The fix this would just be to resize some pieces.


  1. It looks pretty good :) Can't wait to see more!

  2. Thanks Sparklewolfie. The next one should be out on Feb 21

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