Monday, February 14, 2011

Special Occasion Capelet

I had a winter wedding to go to on Sunday at church, a great new dress, and nothing to wear with it to keep me warm (and conservative). Oh noes!  Instead of panicking, I decided to make a little capelet to go with my dress.

Voila! A capelet. Or mini-cloak, whichever you prefer.
Why a capelet? Well for one, it has no armholes, which means less sewing and patterning time required.  I started this project by sketching for 5-10 minutes on Thursday night, brainstorming ideas of what it could look like and what silhouette might work best with a mermaid-style dress.

doodling ideas... during Bible study (shhh!)
 After sketching various concepts for shrugs and shawls, I decided to go with something simple. After all, the only time I had to actually work on it would be Saturday.

Fortunately I already had a Butterick cape pattern from several years ago when I made a Star Wars handmaiden costume. I traced the FRONT and BACK pieces onto some muslin to use as a new pattern, but cropped the pattern off at the waistline because I didn't want a full-length gothic cloak. Then I draped the pattern on my dressform and re-drew the bottom hem line, deciding that I wanted it to be at the waistline at the back, but higher at the front, just under the bust.

Next I traced the pattern onto the fabric and the lining, using purple velveteen fabric that I already had (I bought it on sale years ago, intending to make a coat out of it). Leftover satin from my Warcraft Priest costume turned out to be excellent lining fabric. I sewed the lining pieces together, sewed the fabric pieces together, then sewed the fabric to the lining to make the cloak.

Lastly I needed some kind of clasp. I didn't have a chain or clasp that would work, and no time to drive to the craft store. So I took some extra fabric and made a nifty little flap with a button hole, and sewed on a couple of spare buttons I had in my button box.

In all this project took about 5 hours to complete. It was a fun weekend project, very straight-forward and easy to make!


  1. Cute! I need to make a capelet too :P The color is very gorgeous *u*

  2. Thanks! You should totally make one, it's an easy project to get done in a short period of time... I always like projects that I know I can finish quickly. :)