Friday, March 4, 2011

Anime Amigurumi

I found this deviant Artist PirateLuv who created this cute Amigurumi.

Amigurumi:  A Japanese craft of crocheting plushies 

Her plushies are fan pieces of popular series. Here's a sample of some of her work

Anime & Manga:  Sailor Venus from the Sailor Moon Series
I love how the hair is made from loose yarn, 
I also like how she does use a bead for her eyes, it's one of those items that does look better defined.

Nintedo Game:  Kirby
~Round and squishy~

Comic Book & American cartoon classic:  Harley Quinn from the Batman Series
I like how she keeps the fun red white pattern of Harley's outfit from the cartoon series

Game (First Popular as an App on the IPhone):  Angry Birds!!
She' made a real scene from the game, I love it!

PirateLuv has many more on her Deviant site, go check her out

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  1. Customarily created in the late nineteenth century, these funnies have an intricate and long pre-history, with regards to Japanese workmanship.