Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ava's Avatars

There's this web comic (you might have heard of it?) called Order of the Stick. "OOTS" has a large following, complete with online forums where fans love to make their own avatars in OOTS style, which is easily identifiable by large round heads, stick-figure limbs, and different-sized black dots for eyes.

Of course I had to try my hand at making some custom avatars... primarily using MS Paint, a readily-available "Accessories" program on any Windows PC.

Some of these are based on well-known characters, some are original made-up characters and things or characters I created on request for forum avatars...

Video Game Characters:

Ayame of Tenchu
Dark Elf Phantom Ranger
Selye, Blood Elf Mage
Irk, Orc Hunter
Scottimus, Undead MageArbogast, Orc Warlock
Aiva, Undead ShadowpriestAiva, Undead Shadowpriest (v2)Silverjade, Blood Elf Paladin
Blood Elf Rogue
Troll Shadowpriest v.1
Troll Shadowpriest v.2
Fire Elemental
Tree Druid
Blood Elf Mage
Kahne, Orc RogueTauren Hunter v.1Tauren Hunter v.2
Pandaren BrewmasterPixieCora Caster
Dark Elf Blade Dancer
OOTS characters:
MitD Goes to China
MitD in Spring

Cobra Commander"Drow-Dragon""Drow Werewolf"
Dancing ViolinistEaster BunnyWarrior Bunny
Wampa TribblePadme AmidalaKailee
Angry HalflingElf MonkGirl With Pen
BattleaxeWampa with a GunZombie Ninja

How Roland Met Wampa

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