Monday, March 7, 2011

Cosplay Week #1 - Mario Maids

Once a year Seattle has their Anime convention SAKURACON! And I have been attending this amazing convention since 2003. Every year it continues to grow (2010 had over 18 thousand attendees) and every year my cosplay count grows (This year I have at least 9). LOL

This week I will be present works from previous SakuraCons.  Instead of focusing on a the accuracy of a character I've decided to be more topical on cosplay enhancements and altered styles.

I may do an additional Cosplay Week after SakuraCon displaying some of my cosplays from this year. Dunno yet, see how I feel at that time.  Onto today's subject

I dont remember how me and Belinda (cosplay friend) came up with the idea, but I thought it was freaking hilarious.  We dressed up as female version of the Mario Brothers of Mario and Luigi (Belinda because she's taller).   Lolita Maid Style! 

Things that Changed
♫ Overalls became aprons ♫
♫ Hats became headbands ♫
♫ Gloves became accessory cuffs ♫

This that remain the same
♫ Giant buttons ♫
♫ ColoUr Scheme ♫
♫ Matching outfits ♫
♫ The 'M' and 'L' icons on our head accessory ♫

Belinda made some plushies to go with us.  She's throwing the turtle shell, you can tell she's a Mario Kart fan.

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