Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cosplay Week #3 - Ultimate Otaku

So in a previous post I had shown a collection of anime card wrappers put together into a bag. Anime Trading Card Bag  But what to do with the cards?

I made a flapper dress out of the cards :)  Yea I know some of you are probably pointing at me and screaming "that's not cosplay".  Let's go back to the definition that had previously defined back in an earlier cosplay post.  Cosplay Week #1 - Melissa Seraphy

Old definition of Cosplay:  Dressing up as an anime (japanese cartoons), manga (japanese for comic book), or video character from primarily the Japanese culture
New definition of Cosplay:  Dressing up as any characters or persona

Thus this is a persona cosplay

So how did I make it?  (feel free to yell at me, I deserve it)
  1. I made a quick bag dress using stretchy material.  This served as a frame
  2. Then a took cards from about 36 different anime and video game series and made a tab off of the trading card using scotch tape (using scotch tape means I could remove them cleanly later
  3. Then the hot glue (eeep, i did get some on the cards ~sniff sniff~)  and glued each card onto the dress, starting from the bottom up.
Using hot glue was a bad idea, besides destroying cards by accident.  I was shedding cards like a dog sheds fur. People were trailing behind me picking up and returning my lost cards to me.

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