Saturday, March 26, 2011

There is such a thing as to much embossing powder

I was experimenting with clear embossing powder.  For those who dont know what embossing powder is, it's a pigment plastic powder that melts at a very low temperature.  Popular for card making and scrap booking.  Hmmm I guess I should make a tutorial on how to use this stuff.

To come, a Tutorial on how to use embossing powder.

On with the story . . .

I wanted to see how CLEAR the clear embossing power really was, so i tried melting it onto one of my glass pendants.  This way I could test the clarity of my picture (in my glass pendant) and see if it has become foggy or warped.

Results:  Great
Well let's give a shout for Clear embossing powder because it truely is clear, it barely affected the visual appearance of my picture.  There are some weird blue lines though, but that's actually from the stamping ink I used to get the powder to initially stick on.  I'll need to get a different ink pad for the future.   And now my glass is coated in a plastic, you can feel the texture has become different.

Ok here's the word of caution.  You CAN use too much embossing powder.  As I melted the embossing powder I kept adding more, so I could completely cover the entire surface in a thick coat of this stuff.  Well as it kept melting and running down the side and adding more and melting and running down the side.  I melted a lot of plastic.  I couldn't move it while it was hot, for two reasons 1) too hot, 2) if i used any tools I'll make markings in the plastic that will be left there as it dries (like those kids who put their hand print into fresh concrete, and it's there for 30 years).

Well it cooled and hardened.  And I couldn't remove it!  The plastic had run onto the wood board I was working on and fused to it.  ~sigh~ my tray has a random marble stuck.

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