Monday, April 11, 2011

Cosplay Progress - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Sleeves 0.5

Time to make the gloves and arm amour.  Ok for warning, this pieces isn't as accurate as the original but I didn't discover a lot of my flaws until I was complete.  sorry didn't feel like going back to fix it

So let’s start with a pair of long black gloves purchased at a costume store (no I am not sewing my own gloves, I’ve tried it and will avoid it if possible).  These spikes on the back of her hand are inspired by the original Lightning costume. 

So I made them like I had for a previous Lightning outfit.  <insert mistake face> Although inspired they aren’t completely the same, which was my mistake.  The gold spikes have been moved on top her knuckles now and should be 4 of them.  Eh whatever.
Anyways I made these out of foam and am attacking them with safety pins.  The picture shows double sided tape, but that ended up being a not as useful with the material of my gloves.

So I replicated what I see on the backside of the armor with foam, nothing special.
Keep in mind that the left arm and the right arm don't look the same.  I had to do some adjustments since I didn't realize this until I was done.

The armor attachment should probably be made out of leather of vinyl, but I made it out of foam (because it was sitting there in front of me and I didn’t feel like going out and spending more money on vinyl).  I made the pattern as I saw on her pictures.  But while wearing it, it would shift because it is slippery and large (due to it having to be able to fit around my wrist). 

So I made Bumpers!  LOL This is the weirdest idea used for this cosplay.  Surprisingly works very well, doesn’t shift because it’s pressed up against your skin.  Because the bumpers are malleable it conforms to your shape, yet soft and comfortable.  

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