Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cosplay Progress - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning GunBlade and Shield 0.6


It wasn't easy to get the design for this shield since there are no straight on shots but instead these angled shots and near the end you can see glances of it between swinging arms.  Making this on the other hand was very easy. 

Cut the shapes out of cardboard for the base, than using foam and paint to add the details.
As for the handle you'll need to use something sturdy or else the shield will just flip flop around. I picked up a $2 dresser handle from the hardware section.  Using hot glue I attached it to the cardboard.  Tip:  I put the screws into the handle for two reasons 1) to extend the handle from the back of the shield for more room for the fingers.  2) the grooves in the screw will help grip the hot glue instead of the slick metal that will easy come off after some use.


Embellishment made out of foam and paint.

I used styrofoam for the blade because it's light, keeps its shape well, and easy to cut (if you know the tricks). Starting with a sketch on the foam. 

Using a Foam Cutter I cut out the shape. 
Tomorrow I will be doing a product review on foam cutters and a tutorial on how to make a foam cutting table (think band saw table).

Vola!, you can do so much details using a foam cutter, it cuts like butter (not kidding).  It gives smoother surfaces. 

Warning:  Do not use spray paint on your foam, it will melt it.  ~cries~ I had to start over because of this.  There are suppose to be specialized spray paint for foam, but I'm sticking to acrylic craft paint from now on.

Instead of adding the details with paint I rather use foam.  The colour looks nicer than the paint on the foam, you can cut out the details very well with a box cutter, and the thickness gives depth to the piece.

Another lesson to learn.  I avoided using hot glue to attach the handle because hot glue would melt the foam.  Well E-6000 melts it even more!  ~cries~ more ruined pieces.  In the end I found that packing tape was extremely durable and as long as the two joining pieces are flat; you can use pressure to keep the pieces stable with the tape.  Just make sure any segment that uses tape will have something to cover it.  Luckily this joint has an embellishment that goes right over the tape.

I tried all these different glues on my project, here's a list of the bads and goods
1) E-6000, melts foam
2) rubber cement, makes foam curl thus hard to stick together when it's curling away from one another during the drying process
3) Spray adhesive, I dunno the stuff works well on paper, but it just didn't give a strong hold on foam
4) white glue,  . . . .i dont know why it's in the picture I didn't even use it
5) packing tape.  great for securing pieces togehter IF visual appeal wasn't not a high priority.

~sigh~ this project really killed me. 

Oh well I came out with a real cool looking GunBlade.  I might have left out a ton of details on the handle, but I rather continue focusing on working on other pieces from here.

Don't forget to stay tuned for the Foam Cutter Tips and Tricks and How to make a Foam Cutting Table

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