Friday, April 1, 2011

CyberLox Falls Tutorial

You might come across these when you see the Goth/Punk kids who overdress all weird.  Aren't they COOOOOOL.

This project was actually quite easy to make, unfortunately quite costly as well. I used a combination of plastic lanyard and  tubular crin (think of these at weaved fishing wire into a tubed (sometimes flattened) and used as ribbon.  Some people also add crimped tubes, hair weaves, foam falls, and all sorts of other material.

I have never found tubular crin in a craft or fabric store so you've got to hit the internet to supply this project.  I wanted two colours for my project, but a vary of tones. 

Simples steps.

  1. cut all your pieces double the length in which you want it to fall.
  2. tie the pieces together in the center.  I used fishing wire and strung it right through the gaps in the weave
  3. Tie a hair tie to it

That's it.  Easy.

Here's some pretty examples now :)  I added some extra funny stuff I bought at the hardwares store for other projects.  I can't tell you what they are because I actually dont know. LOL

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