Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Pew Bows

If you are getting married in a church like I did, one decoration you shouldn't overlook is decorating the ends of the pews in the center aisle.

When I was buying flowers for my bouquets, I bought extra hydrangea stems (fortunately they were on clearance) and made pew bows for decorations at the wedding ceremony.

The stem was taped onto a pew clip (which can be purchased from and then I added 6" organza ribbon to make the bow and hanging ribbon. I also added some 1.5" satin ribbon for more interest.

To transport all of them and keep the ribbons from wrinkling I hung them all on plastic hangers. I was able to get 8 of them on one hanger.

After the wedding I was able to recoup a lot of the costs by selling all of the pew bows to a Craigslister who just happened to be planning her own wedding with the same color scheme. You can't do that with real flowers!

For a variation you could make pew bows without the flowers on top and you could add colorful ribbons instead.


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