Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cosplay Progress - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Leggings 0.7

Yay we've gotten to the last tutorial before having a completed Final Fantasy XIII-2 Cosplay

I found these giant rolls of Craft foam YAY. 

I wrapped cylinders around my thighs to get the right size, than trimed out the shape.

Than got the rough estimate around my caves and used elastics (used for waistbands) to hold it closed for my ankle area.  THis way you can strech it wide to put your legs without any ripping ations.  I was stupid and glued the elastic to the outside so here I'm flipping the foam.

Yay,I used a separate join for the middle to let the piece piviot.  It's connected to the thigh piece in the front, and connected to the bottom piece on the back.  Because the foam is flexible it allows you to bend at your knees.  And it's also costume accurate!

Closer picture after it's been painted.

Making some of the gold embellisments for her leggins

several photo series to hopefully visually explain as to how they get put on

Oh she's got this medallion thing on her legs.  So i just took a scrapbook chip art to use, you wont see the palm tree after it's been painted.

Ok i'll admit i didn't do the best job with the feet, but i tried.

I started by making a cover for my foot.  Two angled pieces on er. . . . I'm going to stop here with this one cause the foot wasn't well done, so let's not bother teaching you how to make the unsuccessful piece.

Here's a final picture of the legs.  You can bend and run and do all sorts of things with it.  Although warning, dont go climbing rocks with it.  THe foam isn't that strong so it will rip easily.  More layering or coating of a good sealent or a backing of packaging tape could reinforce it it you desire.

Till next time, when you get to see the compete outfit.

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