Thursday, May 19, 2011

Refinished French Provincial Nightstand

I purchased this nightstand from a Craigslister for $25. It was old and a little worse for wear, but I knew it would make a great project! I found a lot of pictures of similar French Provincial-style furniture which had been painted, remember this Inspiration blog post?

Can you believe I didn't take a before picture? Oh well. This thing used to painted a yellowish white with gold detailing, very similar to this desk, and the hardware was unpainted.

Here are the products I used. "High Hiding Primer" - two coats, much sanding. Olympic Satin paint "Rise and Shine" color - four coats. Topped it off with one coat of MINIWAX Wipe-On Poly. The can says you should use two coats, by one coat seemed to cover well. I would have added a second coat if I'd missed any spots. The Krylon white (gloss) spray paint was used on the hardware, in several coats.

I love how it turned out, so cheery and pretty!

I even lined the drawers with a pretty black and white floral contact paper. Adorable! Now the dresser is in my guest room, which I haven't done much with yet. But a bold pop of color is always a great start!

Now that I think of it... this nightstand could also be really cute in the livingroom/dining area to hold table linens or games.


  1. This turned out great! Love the bright color :)

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! I bought the thing before I saw your blog but that made me get up the courage to just go for it and paint it a bold color. :)

  3. Question about the paint - do you experience any issues with stuff sticking to it? I see you used interior latex paint, other blogs used oil-based - I know oil-based is pretty nasty/stinky stuff. How has the finish held up?

  4. Yes, things will kind of stick to the finish. Oil-based paint shouldn't give you that problem though, but it's harder to work with.