Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cosplay Week Sakura 2010 #4 - Sailor V Manga Cover Tutorial

What's more awesome than cosplay photos?  Making cosplay photos look like trading cards or Manga covers!  "woot woot"  So here's my photoshopping tutorial on making a manga cover using a Photo I took at SakuraCon.

Start with a good cosplay picture.
Also start with a good Manga picture as a guide

From that Manga picture I stripped out the Title (Sailor V) and additional text, in this cause the author's name

I layered a blurred version of the title to give it some depth

Now cropping out the cosplayer and resizing for this project.

Adding a colourful background.  A lot of manga covers might just have some colourful but not extremely busy background so to not distract you from the focus character.

For the SailorV covers I noticed the artist liked using lots of action lines to draw towards the super hero.  So I'm adding some here.

Adding the white bubbles, I also noticed the artist likes to do that with a lot of her manga series.

Adding more emphasis with the action lines drawing focus to the center.

The colouring of the cosplay was a little dark, lighting up the colours so match the background feel.

Adding in the words

Generated the cropping lines by aligning the original manga picture with the words. 


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