Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cosplay Week Sakura 2011 #3 - TianZi

So how does one attract attention to their cosplay? 
  • Accuracy
  • Detailed outfit
  • Character personality

These are the most well-known ways for a cosplay to shine, but one day I was walking around at SakuraCon (previous year) and my eyes were immediately drawn to a cosplayer.  Her outfit was amazing and beautiful.  But it wasn’t because of the details or the accuracy.  It was the fabric choice she made.  Instead of using a single colour cotton material, or shiny taffeta, she used Chinese Brocade.

Altering fabric choice made a dramatic difference.  So I tried it out on TianZi from Code Geass

I can say that it made more people comment on my outfit.

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