Monday, June 20, 2011

Inspiration - Yarn Bombing

Also known as "Knit Bombing" and falling under the category of "Random Acts of Art", Yarn Bombing is the act of decorating something with yarn, typically by knitting or crocheting. I shouldn't bother trying to explain this concept, a simple Google search of "knit bombing" will get you plenty of colorful results. This is a great example of a picture speaking louder in words.
Google search results
People have used yarn to decorate anything from trees and sign posts to bicycles and TANKS. Yes, that's a tank covered in pink yarn.

Recently I have been knitting a lot and have conquered the basics of knit and purl, but I know there is a lot more to learn like yarn overs and yarn unders and how to make a pretty cable knit sweater.

However, I shouldn't need to learn all of that in order to decorate the neighborhood in yarn. After I finish this scarf I am working on I'm going to have to choose my first target! If I am successful I will be sure to blog about it, of course.

This is a world-wide phenomenon.
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