Friday, August 19, 2011

Dying Lace

It's rather hard to find different colours of lace in the same pattern, and even when you do it's only a select few generic colors.

Well these three up above were actually all came from the same white lace which I have dyed.  It's easier than I thought it would be.

I found these bottles of fabric dye for actualy pretty cheap.  $4 a bottle, but I only used a few drops which means i can get years of use from a single bottle.  Mixed dye with some water in a zip lock bag and let the fabric seep from 30 seconds to overnight (maybe excessive, but it doens't hurt for the strong dark colours).  I used a few drops for light baby colours and a teaspoon for the dark colors.

But you dont need all 4 bottles to create these different tones.  Just like mixing paint, modeling clay, and food dye, you can achieve different tones and colours by messing with colour ratios and mixtures.  Saturation changes can be achieved by changes to time duration.

These shades of pink and red were produced by this single red dye.  By partially dunking in a piece of lace into a dark solution, and quickly diluting it into a bucket of water for the rest of the lace to consume results in the tie-dye effect in the middle lace.  There's a reason they tell you not to pour the dye directly onto the fabric . . . but that little accident showed me how to produce that unique pattern. 

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