Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mistborn Costume

This is Vin from the Mistborn Trilogy of novels by Brandon Sanderson. She has magic powers, wears a mistcloak and leaps through the air weilding glass daggers.

Her iconic costume include a "mistcloak" which is a hooded cloak that is created from many strips of fabric sewn together at the top across the shoulders. When it blows in the wind it is like tendrils of mist. The world Vin is from is plagued by mysterious, thick mist which come out at night.

Here's a quick snapshot of the outfit underneath the cloak. I based it on the outfit Vin is wearing on the cover of the second Mistborn novel, The Well of Ascension.

Check it out, I found another Mistborn at Comic-Con! I dig her giant koloss sword. I think I need to make my own.

I tried to steal a giant warhammer from a guy I found the same day at the con but he only let me borrow it for a quick (blurry) pic. Apparently this was made by some guys in Canada who make awesome LARP weapons.

BTW, I got a picture of myself with Brandon Sanderson! More on that next week.


  1. Pretty awesome Im on my second read through of the Trilogy so I can answer questions for my step daughter who is currently half way through Well of Ascension. She wants to be Vin for halloween now (glad I hadn't started her Frankie Stein costume before she started reading the book and changed her mind) I can post pics when I'm done if you'd like to see I found the perfect flowy dark grey fabric for her mistcloak I'm really looking forward to making it Last year was alice in wonderland those took forEVER

  2. Cool! Would love to see how your Vin costume turned out!

    Man, I need to get some better pics of this costume... that will have to wait until I'm no longer pregnant, haha.

  3. Im a massive fan of the mistborne books, good effort on the costume!