Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[Staff of Infinite Mysteries]

I finished my staff for my Tier 4 Priest costume from Warcraft and debuted it at PAX Prime 2011!

Here are some pics of the work in progress.

I started with a clear acryllic plastic tube. This is the bottom piece which I made out of Crayola Model Magic, then painted with acryllic paint. I formed the Model Magic around the top of a plastic cranberry juice jug, which fit around the acryllic tube. Oh, I also used purple cellophane wrapping around the tube and then painted black over parts of it.

Above the bottom piece is a piece of metal pipe I had lying around. I bought it when I was making a lightsaber a few years ago. It is rougly painted to blend in with the rest of the staff. It gives some balancing weight to the end of it.

This next piece was made of purple FIMO then painted with a combination of glow blue paint and white acryllic paint. In the game graphic it looks like it glows so I wanted to give that effect with paint since I wasn't going to build LEDs into it. It turned out when I was carrying the staff around all day at PAX I often rested this piece on my hand to supprt the weight of the staff on my shoulder. Worked as if I'd designed it that way.

The large piece here is made of Model Magic, then there is a purple FIMO ring, then a piece of metal pipe. I used thin craft foam inside the pipe in one layer to give it a snug fit against the acryllic tube.

Near the top I cut diamond out of the painted cellophane so the light would shine through brighter, like in the graphic.

The "head" of the staff is made of blue Styrofoam insulation foam. I bought one big sheet of it, had to have the guys at Lowes cut it in half for me so I could fit it in my car.

First I cut the shape out with a hot knife, the sort that has one long thin blade about 4 inches long. Then I sanded it down and shaped the edges with a hotter hot knife, the sort that just has a razor blade on it. Then I gave it one coat of primer (leftover from my furniture-painting projects!) and added on black paint and several layers of purple and white and silver to get the look I wanted.

This post is getting long, so I will talk about the electrical madness in another post!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Disgaea Cosplay: Character Cosplaying Character, Prinny and Flonne

Cosplay is for Fans, in which it is ok to go out of the bounds and be creative.

I took a character whose outfit I wanted to do (because it was cute and comfortable) -> Flonne

And a very popular character -> Prinny

 I sketched a design of my costume crossing.  Flonne's outfit colour scheme was flipped to become like a 
  • Coat is Blue
  • Tummy is White
  • Ribbons are all white like the Prinny stitches.
  • Wings are purple 
  • Add the scarf and bag
  • Make a Prinny hat to make it both obvious and cute
Here's what we end with.

A Pax Prime 2011 Con report to come :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Winnie the Pooh Lolita Headband

Even though I enjoy making jewelry I'm personaly into wearing Hair Accessories. Don't know why not much for wearing the other stuff.  I think it's cause I dont really like having my hair in my face so I've use to doing it up and wearing things to pull it back.

Anyways I think Japanese Lolita headbands are cute, I mean Kawaii

Here's a Winnie the Pooh one I made. Basically you can use any non-slippery fabric, so I picked this cotton Winnie the Pooh bring. Put some lacey trim around it, and topped it off with some extra ribbon bows.

The coloUr tones are pretty mild, they dont scream STARE @ ME. . . . well at least when i'm not wearing a bright blue wig.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary Crafters

Can you believe me and Ava have been up and alive on crafting away on this blog for a full year.  Well I hope you guys have learned alot and been inspired by the stuff we've shown. 

As a special treat I thought I would pull up some old photos of some blooper shots from our photoshoot for the photos we used for our first blog posting.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Dying Lace

It's rather hard to find different colours of lace in the same pattern, and even when you do it's only a select few generic colors.

Well these three up above were actually all came from the same white lace which I have dyed.  It's easier than I thought it would be.

I found these bottles of fabric dye for actualy pretty cheap.  $4 a bottle, but I only used a few drops which means i can get years of use from a single bottle.  Mixed dye with some water in a zip lock bag and let the fabric seep from 30 seconds to overnight (maybe excessive, but it doens't hurt for the strong dark colours).  I used a few drops for light baby colours and a teaspoon for the dark colors.

But you dont need all 4 bottles to create these different tones.  Just like mixing paint, modeling clay, and food dye, you can achieve different tones and colours by messing with colour ratios and mixtures.  Saturation changes can be achieved by changes to time duration.

These shades of pink and red were produced by this single red dye.  By partially dunking in a piece of lace into a dark solution, and quickly diluting it into a bucket of water for the rest of the lace to consume results in the tie-dye effect in the middle lace.  There's a reason they tell you not to pour the dye directly onto the fabric . . . but that little accident showed me how to produce that unique pattern. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Convention Cosplay Planning

PAX is coming up and I need to get crackin' on my cosplay projects if I want to have a different outfit to wear each day! Alas, the amount of work I need to accomplish my goals is somewhat unrealistic. This calls for some project planning.

Target Costumes:
Day 1. Priest from World of Warcraft
Status: Costume complete. In process of making a [Staff of Infinite Mysteries] (prop).

Staff of Infinite Mysteries
Day 2. Vin from the Mistborn Trilogy
Status: Costume complete, mistcloak needs minor repair. I want to make a Giant Koloss Sword (prop).

Day 3. Miss Fortune from League of Legends
Status: Not started.

"Miss Fortune" from League of Legends

Step 1: Sort out your priorities.
As it stands, I have two wearable costumes, but both costumes are lacking without the props. My first goal should be to finish the [Staff of Infinite Mysteries], which I have already started working on. However, my next goal needs to be the Miss Fortune costume because there is going to be a League of Legends costume contest and I want free LoL stuff! Once I finish my staff I need to start working on that costume right away. If I have two nights left and it looks like I can't finish Miss Fortune on time, I will work on the sword and get that done, but I would rather have a completed Miss Fortune costume so I don't want to spend two nights working on a sword I don't really need. Miss Fortune, on the other hand, needs two guns, and I know those props are going to be more difficult to create than the giant Koloss sword; the sword is bigger but quite simple to make.
Step 2: Plan your time.
First, made a list with three columns: A)Costume/Prop, B)Action Item, C)Date and filled in the details for each step I need to complete. Then I color-coded by action type (minor/easy=grey, workshop=blue, primer=yellow, painting=orange, sewing=white). It will be more productive to do similar projects at the same time. I left off Aug 19 because I will be busy that day, but I assigned all of the other tasks to different days. However, looking at my list, I don't think there is any way I can get all of this done! I should have more time to work on the 18th, but there is too much crammed into the 24th and 25th. However, if I am running behind I can eliminate the Mistborn items on the 24th and 25th because of my priorities.

Step 3: Get workin' and stick to schedule!
How much do you think I can accomplish? We'll just have to find out after PAX!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Moogle Top Hat

I didn't know what to do with some of my Top Hats so I decided to make a Cosplay adaptation since those darn fleece hats are so popular.

Here is my first Cosplay Adaptation Top Hat, Guess what it is.

Oh I guess the title gives it away.  It's a Moogle Hat, from Final Fantasy

See, it's miniture, how cute.

Even Goomba's like them.  Goomba made by ADNILEB

Materials:  Hat, Wire, PuffBall, Paint, Felt (for wings)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Mistcloak Construction

Using strips of suedecloth, I started layering the strips to form the back of the cloak, then I sewed them together keeping the stitches underneath where the strips overlap so the stitches are not visible on the outside.

After finishing the back I added more strips around the shoulders and front, layering them symmetrically on both sides before attaching the hood.
For the hood I just made a basic Jedi hood and sized it down a bit.
Once everything was constructed I trimmed the ends and cut the ends like tapered curves because I thought that looked more like mist than a blunt squared edge.

Check out my Mistborn Costume post for pics of the completed costume!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Snow Queen Crown

This crown reminds me of something from Narnia, I used clear plastic so I could get the snow flakes to float above the ground.  Also used German Glass glitter (ok I dont think they are real german glass glitter, but it looks like it), which doesn't have that extreme SHINE that you normally find in a craft store, but instead it's a very soft sparkle. 

A great way of saving money is to go through the clearance asles after holidays, and pick up different shapes, so obviously these were repurposed christmas ornaments.  Who cares, it's look purdy

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mistborn Sketch

I drew this sketch in my hotel room across the street from the San Diego Comic-Con.  I received an autographed copy of the book from Brandon Sanderson at the TOR booth!

I ran into Brandon Sanderson in the hall and got a picture with him! I am wearing my mistcloak. I found him to be a really nice guy, and I love his books! He even signed a couple of Wheel of Time book plates for me which I put in the two Wheel of Time books he co-wrote.

Here is the original pencil sketch before I went over it with a brush pen. I am still experimenting with brush pen techniques.