Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Convention Cosplay Planning

PAX is coming up and I need to get crackin' on my cosplay projects if I want to have a different outfit to wear each day! Alas, the amount of work I need to accomplish my goals is somewhat unrealistic. This calls for some project planning.

Target Costumes:
Day 1. Priest from World of Warcraft
Status: Costume complete. In process of making a [Staff of Infinite Mysteries] (prop).

Staff of Infinite Mysteries
Day 2. Vin from the Mistborn Trilogy
Status: Costume complete, mistcloak needs minor repair. I want to make a Giant Koloss Sword (prop).

Day 3. Miss Fortune from League of Legends
Status: Not started.

"Miss Fortune" from League of Legends

Step 1: Sort out your priorities.
As it stands, I have two wearable costumes, but both costumes are lacking without the props. My first goal should be to finish the [Staff of Infinite Mysteries], which I have already started working on. However, my next goal needs to be the Miss Fortune costume because there is going to be a League of Legends costume contest and I want free LoL stuff! Once I finish my staff I need to start working on that costume right away. If I have two nights left and it looks like I can't finish Miss Fortune on time, I will work on the sword and get that done, but I would rather have a completed Miss Fortune costume so I don't want to spend two nights working on a sword I don't really need. Miss Fortune, on the other hand, needs two guns, and I know those props are going to be more difficult to create than the giant Koloss sword; the sword is bigger but quite simple to make.
Step 2: Plan your time.
First, made a list with three columns: A)Costume/Prop, B)Action Item, C)Date and filled in the details for each step I need to complete. Then I color-coded by action type (minor/easy=grey, workshop=blue, primer=yellow, painting=orange, sewing=white). It will be more productive to do similar projects at the same time. I left off Aug 19 because I will be busy that day, but I assigned all of the other tasks to different days. However, looking at my list, I don't think there is any way I can get all of this done! I should have more time to work on the 18th, but there is too much crammed into the 24th and 25th. However, if I am running behind I can eliminate the Mistborn items on the 24th and 25th because of my priorities.

Step 3: Get workin' and stick to schedule!
How much do you think I can accomplish? We'll just have to find out after PAX!

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