Monday, August 29, 2011

Disgaea Cosplay: Character Cosplaying Character, Prinny and Flonne

Cosplay is for Fans, in which it is ok to go out of the bounds and be creative.

I took a character whose outfit I wanted to do (because it was cute and comfortable) -> Flonne

And a very popular character -> Prinny

 I sketched a design of my costume crossing.  Flonne's outfit colour scheme was flipped to become like a 
  • Coat is Blue
  • Tummy is White
  • Ribbons are all white like the Prinny stitches.
  • Wings are purple 
  • Add the scarf and bag
  • Make a Prinny hat to make it both obvious and cute
Here's what we end with.

A Pax Prime 2011 Con report to come :)

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